@JAM ALLSTARS 2015 Reveals Making Video of @JAM Theme Song “Yume no Suna~a theme of @JAM~”

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@JAM ALLSTARS 2015 Reveals Making Video of @JAM Theme Song “Yume no Suna~a theme of @JAM~”

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@JAM ALLSTARS 2015 revealed the making video of @JAM theme song “Yume no Suna~a theme of @JAM~”.

@JAM EXPO is the idol’s music festival. This event has been held two years in a row at Yokohama Arena. It will be held on August 29th and over 120 idols will appear on its 8 stages.

@JAM ALLSTARS is the special unit formed to perform at @JAM EXPO. Its members are not fixed and each year a different idol plays the role. Last year, Azusa Sekine (UpUp Girls (Kari) ), Hitomi Arai (Tokyo Girls’ Style), Mari Takahashi (Dorothy Little Happy), Mariya Suzuki (Cheeky Parade) and Risa Aizawa ( gathered for the group.

The group this year consists of Natsu Amano (LinQ), Mai Okamoto (Hime Kyun Fruit Can), Ayane Fujisaki (, Rana Murakami (GEM), and Rio Watanabe (Babyraids JAPAN). They are as good as those of the last year.


In the video, they seem to enjoy the recording and shooting as if they used to be in the same idol group. It is sure that they will wonderfully perform on @JAM EXPO 2015.

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@JAM EXPO 2015 Event Information 
Date: August 29th Open:9:00 Start:10:00 (JST)
Place:Yokohama Arena

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