The Strange Fusion of Table Tennis and Bar in Nakameguro!

The Strange Fusion of Table Tennis and Bar in Nakameguro!
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Nakameguro. A town with a mature atmosphere. Here, we found a place where people on their way home from work get together with table tennis rackets at night. The name of this unusual establishment is Nakameguro Takkyu Lounge. Even though its appearance is like an old apartment, you can see the rare scene over the entrance of the room.

At the entrance, table tennis rackets were arranged side by side. Taking a survey of the spacious room, you can also see a table, as well as sofas and cushions placed everywhere. Furthermore, you will find there is a bar counter next to the entrance. So, this is the world’s first table tennis bar.




Here you can enjoy communication with other people surrounding the table as games are played. Drinking beer and holding the racket, there is a sort of magic hanging in the air allowing you to have a friendly chat with strangers without any worries. Besides it, Hiroshi Fujiwara, the manager of this bar, is a maestro of tequila certified by the Japan Tequila Association and is also a former table tennis competitor. He is proficient in both playing table tennis and making a cocktail.


Shibasaki-chan, Kurumi Nakata, and Ai Matsumoto heard about it and became so curious about it, that they visited Nakame Takkyu Lounge. As soon as they went in, they began a funny game after warming up by the rally. In this game, the victor is decided by the one that can make the balloon collapse or not by hitting the ball. Wearing faceguards, they enjoyed this game while working up a sweat. Table tennis is a common sport in Asian countries as many of them are familiar with playing it since they were child. So, it is also a convenient communication tool!




Nakame Takkyu Lounge was established in 2003. Now, both regular and new customers mingle together at night. Among them is a fortune teller, who the manager of this bar allowed to have a fortune night on the second and the fourth night. It is only at “Nakame Takkyu Lounge” that you can enjoy the rare fusion of table tennis, fortune telling, and bar.

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Photos by Mayuko Yamaguchi

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Nakame Takkyu lounge Nakameguro
Address : 1-3-13 Line House Nakameguro 2F,Kamimeguro,Meguro-ku, Tokyo
Nearest Station : nakameguro
TEL : 03-5722-3080



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