TIF 2019: TOKYO GIRLS’ STYLE Shines on Stage With a Veteran-worthy Performance

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TIF 2019: TOKYO GIRLS’ STYLE Shines on Stage With a Veteran-worthy Performance

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Tokyo Idol Festival is a platform for many up-and-coming idol groups looking for a stepping stone in the saturated industry. While many of the groups are fresh newcomers to the festival, there are those longtime idols whose fans come to see year after year. TOKYO GIRLS’ STYLE is a strong veteran at TIF, and this year they came back with incredible force and no signs of backing down anytime soon.

Throughout the festival the four-member group had three one-man performances, finishing it off on the last day with a vigorous set at the Dream Stage. They were final act of the day, and fans crowded around the stage to watch these dynamic veterans. As the sun set, they rose to deliver a powerful performance.


They began with “Hikaru yo”, an upbeat song from their newest single released this year in February, that revitalised the crowd’s energy even at the end of a long day. Halfway through they changed their outfits in the middle of their song, a delightful transformation that brightened up the stage even more. The next song was the other track from their single, “Reborn”. It was the perfect song for a live that brought the members and the crowd together as one.


They followed with “Taisetsu na Kotoba”, a heartwarming melody that has been a longtime fan favorite in their repertoire. As the members sang with sentimental yet strong vocals, the atmosphere filled with a sense of nostalgia.

The last song was “Shinkai (Hi-ra Mix)”, a deep and evocative performance where the girls showcased their unparalleled dance talent while delivering the lyrics with soulful meaning. This skilful combination of dance and vocals enraptured the audience, a testament to TOKYO GIRLS’ STYLE’s distinction as a group.


At the end of the performances, the members thanked the fans for staying for them and watching them throughout the years. Next year would mark their 10th anniversary as a group, and they promised to grow even more as performers. It was uplifting to see these resilient girls working together to achieve even greater hearts, and the crowd responded with cheers of support as they said goodbye for the night.



  1. Hikaru yo
  2. Reborn
  3. Taisetsu na Kotoba
  4. Shinkai(Hi-ra Mix)

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