Jump For Joy and Get Fit at Trampoland in Tokyo!

Jump For Joy and Get Fit at Trampoland in Tokyo!
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Did you know that the trampoline has been experiencing a worldwide resurgence in popularity all over the world recently? When Sky Zone, a theme park featuring trampolines opened in America more than 10 years ago, it caught the world’s attention as a sport where people could have fun and exercise at the same time.

The physical benefits of trampoline exercises are incomparable with other sports. NASA has accepted it as an official training method for astronauts. Thus, the trampoline is scientifically proven to have positive effects on diet, eliminating constipation, and beautifying the skin.

We can find trampoline theme parks in Japan, too! Trampoland, which opened in 2011, is the only trampoline theme park in Tokyo. (There is another location in Saitama.) It is a place where young people come to enjoy exercise freely on weekdays, Saturdays and holidays.

Shibasaki-chan(Saki Shibata) and Pikarin(Hikaru Shiina) visited Trampoland on a weekday but, several young people had already gathered on the trampolines inside the gym. They were probably members of a university sport club or high school students who came after school. From the advanced level to the beginner, they were working up a sweat adjusting to their own level. Seeing this scene, the two girls could not curb their enthusiasm to join in.



Completing the registration procedures, they entered the park. If you become a member, you can receive a pair of colorful and cute original socks for the first time only. Changing into clothes that were more comfortable to move around in, they began jumping on the trampolines.

Today’s coach was Mr. Tatemasa Nagasaki, one of the managers of this gym. As a retired professional trampolinist, his methods of instruction are based on years of experience. Of course, his training is free, so beginners are encouraged to ask him for any advice.

Pikarin and Shibasaki-chan nervously listened to the lecture of Mr.Nagasaki. He taught them from the beginning. First, keep the body straight while jumping. Second, make circular motions with their arms (from the bottom to the top) and gradually spread out their legs. They repeated the basic straight jump for more than 10 minutes to become accustomed to the movements. Then, they realized an unusual thing happening inside their body. They now could not jump as usual, as the repeated jumping caused a strange physical sensation to come over them. With this strange feeling, Shibasaki-chan commented, “I totally forgot the way how I jump usually!!”, but she looked so happy.






After a short break time, they tried a high-level technique, throwing their hands high over their heads and turning to the rhythm as they jumped. Thanks to Mr. Nagasaki, they made remarkable progress. The beginners became able to jump so well so quickly that it is not surprising that people become so absorbed in the trampoline. If you think that going to the gym is too difficult, why not visit Trampoland to get some exercise instead?

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Trampoland Tokyo
Address : 2-46-3 Itabasi Itabasi-ku Tokyo
Nearest Station : Itabashikuyakushomae
TEL : 03-6322-6966



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