Kawaii, Tasty, and Photogenic! Must-Visit Ice Cake Store “GLACIEL” in Omotesando

Kawaii, Tasty, and Photogenic! Must-Visit Ice Cake Store “GLACIEL” in Omotesando
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On a peaceful backstreet of Omotesando, there is a popular sweet shop with a nice and hideaway-like atmosphere. This house with a white wall creating Western and modern style is an entremets glacé specialty store called “GLACIEL”.


From outside the store, you can see the showcase filled with pretty cakes and sweets, but these are not just normal cakes. They are decorated cakes made from one of the charms of summer, ice cream!



Yes, entremets glacé is ice cream cake in French. Glacé means ice cream, and entremets glacé is neither ice cream nor gelato. It is a sweet with a new texture, spreading thick and smooth sweetness once it is in your mouth.


When you take a step inside the store, there lies super cute sweets decorated by colorful and sophisticated ornaments. Once again, they are not marron cakes or strawberry cakes but ice cream cakes! Just by a glance, it is obvious that extremely delicate touch is creating these cute cakes.


Saki Shibata aka Shibasaki was so excited that she kept saying “OMG!” and taking photos on her iPhone the moment she entered the store. Everything sold at “GLACIEL” is fun to look at and delicious to eat. No wonder it’s getting popular among young people in Japan.


At “GLACIEL”, the chef sells all the ice cream he made that day, so whenever you visit here, you can get freshly made ice cream. In addition to that, first-class attentiveness is paid to the materials. The fresh milk from Hokkaido is used for the base of ice cream as well as green tea from Kyoto and mango from Miyazaki. First-class ingredients are collected from all over Japan, and they are cooked in their best season.


This time, Shibasaki had the special opportunity of making entremets glacé. In a cute patissier uniform, she will be making the top selling sweet at “GLACIEL”, Balloon de Fruits. She learned the knack for decoration from the chef and finally made the pretty entremets glacé successfully!

kawaii-asia-graciel-09 kawaii-asia-graciel-11 kawaii-asia-graciel-12

The second floor of “GLACIEL” is a salon space where you can order entremets glacé sold at the store. Pikarin (Hikari Shiina), who was waiting at the second floor, loves ice cream so much that she was really happy to see Balloon de Fruits made by Shibasaki. Both were very satisfied by the freshly made entremets glacé.

kawaii-asia-graciel-14 kawaii-asia-graciel-13 kawaii-asia-graciel-15

For your information, the best way to eat the cake at “GLACIEL” is to cut it into the amount you want to eat and leave it out of fridge for 10 minutes. When the frosts are gone and fruits start to look glossy, it’s time to eat! This will definitely be going to become the new charm of summer!


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Address : Jingu-mae 5-2-23, Shibuya, Tokyo
Nearest Station : Omotesando
TEL : 03-6427-4666



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