Best Place for Science Freaks! Visit “Science Bar Incubator” in Yotsuya

Best Place for Science Freaks! Visit “Science Bar Incubator” in Yotsuya
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With about 5 minute-walk from Yotsuya San-chome station, you can reach Araki-cho in Shinjuku-ku. Among the unique bars, a purple sign leads us to a remarkably suspicious bar called “Science Bar Incubator” As the name shows, it’s a fusion of science and restaurant, but can you imagine what it’s like? What is a “Science Bar”?


Opening the door, what was waiting for us was the owner of this bar, Mr. Nomura in a white coat. Inside the bar, beakers, flasks, and spirit lamps were lined up and gave us the impression of laboratory at the science class at school. This is a science bar where you can have delicious drinks and food as well as enjoy fun cooking and entertaining experiments using science knowledge. By the way, you are free to wear the white coats at the bar, and they are actually made by a company known to those in the know. One of the unique traits of this bar is that you can be a scientist physically and mentally.


Mr. Nomura was originally a biologist. Aiming to create an atmosphere for everyone to interact with researchers through drinks and food, this bar offers them using various laboratory instruments. For example, if you order a glass of red wine, it does not come in a normal glass. The wine will be in a flask. Shibasaki-chan (Saki Shibata) were surprised, saying “OMG! There is wine in the flask! I’ve seen flasks only at school!”.



The wine bottles at the bar are not just decorations. They were chosen by the owner who has a taste for wine. Of course, from the second glass, you can use the normal glass as well. Wine lovers can devote themselves into delicious wine and talk deeply with the owner about science. This day, Shibasaki-chan and Pikarin attended a lecture about unbreakable balloon, which amazed them a lot!



The food provided at the bar is made by laboratory instruments. On the menu, you can find cheese fondue using spirit lamp and marshmallows on a skewer. It makes us realize that eating is enjoyable and entertaining



Even more, you can experience genetic fortune-telling done by Mr. Nomura. He does it by analyzing genotype of dopamine/serotonin-related genes. This is a service which can only be provided by biologists.



Just like Pikarin said“It’s a best place for science freaks!”. This is a bar where you can enjoy the excitement of science!

Photos by Kaede

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Science Bar Incubator
Address : Shinkoma Building 1F, Arakicho 7, Shinjuku, Tokyo
Nearest Station : Yotsuya 3-Chome
TEL : 03-5925-8832



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