[Exclusive Program] Tokyo GIrls’ Update TV #006 : SBY in Shibuya109 & Pikarin’s Cosplay

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Tokyo Girls’ Update launches exclusive TV program! This program introduces various Japanese pop culture with cute MC, Shiina Hikari (a.k.a Shiina Pikarin) who is a charismatic model in Shibuya-kei fashion.

For the sixth chapter, Pikarin introduces the most popular department among gals everywhere, Shibuya 109, with special guest Matsumoto Ai (a.k.a Maapipi). This time, we focus on  “SBY“, an accessories shop which features a cafe and make up corner for young women. The concept of SBY is to provide a space for young women to not only browse and buy products, but have a semi-private social space to actually use them. To tell the truth, Maapipi is an expert of SBY because she uses the place usually.

Furthermore! Pikarin launches new segment titled “Cosplerolerotime.” In the new segment, Pikarin shows characters cosplay (costumes+play) of popular anime and video / PC games. Cosplay this time is ‘Kuroneko (black cat)’ of anime play ‘Ore no imoto-ga kon-nani kawaii wake ga nai (my younger sister can’t be this cute)’!

Let’s go now, Tokyo Girls’ Update TV is now on!


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