Tokyo Idol Festival 2015 Platinum Passport Photo Collection: 3min., PASSPO☆, predia, palet

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Tokyo Idol Festival 2015 Platinum Passport Photo Collection: 3min., PASSPO☆, predia, palet

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There were over 150 groups and soloists performing on 7 different stages spread over Odaiba for Tokyo Idol Festival 2015 so it is a major understatement that following even a few groups was no easy task.

Despite heatstroke-inducing weather and over 50,000 idol fans from all over the world assembling in support of their respective oshis, Tokyo Girls’ Update was able to collect together some photos of several groups that fit into some sort of theme. PASSPO☆, predia, palet, and 3min. all belong to Platinum Passport and gathered together at Ebisu The Garden Hall, only one week earlier for Platinum Sonic 2015 vol. 2. However, photos of Petit PASSPO☆ and Yururirapo were even more difficult to obtain given the jam-packed nature of the timetable this year. Please stay tuned for future reports and enjoy the collection of photos below!

PASSPO☆ might have been the second busiest group of Tokyo Idol Festival 2015 (UPUPGIRLS (KARI) was far and away the busiest) with their collaboration stages with Fudanjuku and Silent Siren and various other appearances on top of their high-energy “flights”. On top of that, the quartet of Naomi Anzai, Yukimi Fujimoto, Natsumi Iwamura, and Shiori Mori, had their own performances as Hachakke-tai from PASSPO☆. Having closed out the Hot Stage on August 1st, PASSPO☆ was one of the last groups left on the timetable when they took the stage at Smile Garden on August 2nd.

Smile Garden

palet may have had some setbacks at the beginning of the summer with the graduations of Mizuki Kimoto and Mitsuki Kimijima at their 3rd anniversary live on June 21, 2015 but, with the addition of Mayu Watanabe (3min.) they seemed to be recommitted to being the best that they can be.

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