Welcome to Nippon! Maid! Cosplay! Selca-bo! LADYBABY! Information (Revised)

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Welcome to Nippon! Maid! Cosplay! Selca-bo! LADYBABY! Information (Revised)

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LADYBABY is one of the hottest groups to make their debut in 2015 and it’s almost impossible to ignore them if you are a fan of Japanese music, heavy metal, or Japan in general. In less than 3 weeks since the MV for their debut single “Nippon Manju” was uploaded to their YouTube channel, it was viewed more than 5 million times! If you somehow have not yet seen it, or just want to watch it again, here it is.

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LADYBABY/Ladybeard Press!

Here are just a few articles in English that have been written about Ladybeard and/or LADY BABY since he began grabbing the attention of the media in Japan.

Tokyo Desu – March 8, 2014

Metropolis – April 21, 2014

Japan Times – April 25, 2014

Kotaku – August 14, 2014

Japan Today – September 24, 2014

Huffington Post – July 7, 2015

Metal Injection – July 7, 2015

Loudwire – July 8, 2015

Forbes – July 8, 2015

Alternative Press – July 11, 2015

After a whirlwind few months of changing the rules and smashing the boundaries, LADYBABY announced a hiatus (充電期間, juuden kikan, recharging period) during their sold-out first live in Japan. While it was announced on August 1, 2016 that they would be resuming their activities, it would be without Ladybeard and under the new name The Idol Formerly Known As LADYBABY.

The Members

Rie Kaneko

Birthdate: December 18, 1997
Height: 158 cm

Rie Kaneko was the co-Grand Prix winner (along with Shizu Mizuno) of the 2015 Miss iD audition.

Here is Rie dancing to K-pop group SISTAR during the audition for Miss iD 2015.

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In 2014, she was selected as one of the subjects of Twin Tail Association Japan’s Houkago Twintail series.

Here is Rie appearing in a trailer for the film “Ii nioi no Suru Eiga” which is currently in the process of being crowdfunded. Also acting in the film is co-Miss iD Haruhi Nakajima (Junes Princess).

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Here is Rie starring in a MV for the band Good Bye April.

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Here is Rie in the MV for HAJIMETAL’s “GIRI GAL” from his album “SUPER SOLO 2” (release date: August 26, 2015).

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Rie Kaneko Links

Rie Kaneko Twitter:

Rie Kaneko Instagram:

Rie Kaneko Ameba blog:

Rie Kaneko Miss iD profile page:

Rei Kuromiya

Birthdate: November 29, 2000
Birthplace: Saitama, Japan
Blood Type: O
Height: 154 cm

Because Rei and her sister Aya have been active as junior idols since 2008, she might be the one member of the group that the most is known about. She went to Tokyo Disneyland with Megumi Koshoji (Maison book girl) and idolizes Snoop Dogg.

Here is Rei playing guitar and singing during the audition for Miss iD 2015.

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Rei also does vocals and guitar for the girls’ band BRATS with her older sister Aya (bass). Here’s a live video of BRATS performing in Kawasaki (Kanagawa) on June 6, 2015.

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Here is their first MV for the song “14-sai byou” which was written by URBANGARDE’s Tenma Matsunaga, who was inspired by Rei and the title is a reference to “chuunibyou”, a condition which usually affects 2nd year middle school students as they are stuck between childhood and adulthood and trying to figure out who they are. The MV was directed by Kanae Higashi, who also did the MV for “C’est si Bon Kibun”.

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Rei Kuromiya Links

Rei Kuromiya Official Twitter:

Kuromiya Sisters Ameba blog:

BRATS Ameba blog:

Rei Kuromiya Miss iD profile page:

Rie and Rei seem to get along quite well! Photo from the Twitter account of Kokoro Shinozaki (petit pas), who was also a Miss iD 2015 winner.

Support Members

Shizu Mizuno


Birthdate: December 19, 1988
Birthplace: Gifu, Japan
Height: 165 cm

Shizu Mizuno is a part-time member of the group and when she performs with LADY BABY, they are called “LADY BABY feat. Mizuno Shizu”.

Shizu Mizuno hosting a quiz show about herself during the audition for Miss iD 2015.

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Shizu Mizuno Links

Shizu Mizuno Official site:

Shizu Mizuno Official Twitter:

Shizu Mizuno Instagram:

Shizu Mizuno LINE blog:

Shizu Mizuno Tumblr:

Shizu Mizuno Miss iD profile page:



Perhaps the most mysterious member of LADY BABY, “Maru-sama” is a second generation member who joined after the group held an audition looking for a small dog under the age of 6 years old.

Mikitty Honmono


Mikitty Honmono from the group Nicho Halo is the choreographer and part-time member of LADY BABY. His resume includes such idols as: BiS, Shiritsu Ebisu Chugaku, Pla2me/POP, Hakoiri Musume, BELLRING Shojo Heart, Lovely DOLL, and Maison book girl.

Mikitty Honmono Links

Nicho Halo Official site:

Nicho Halo Official Twitter:

Former Member(s)

Ladybeard (2015 – 2016)


Birthdate: August 3
Birthplace: Australia

In case that all those different articles were too much to read, here is a short summary. Ladybeard is originally from Australia and moved to Hong Kong where he was active as a professional wrestler for 6 years while fusing heavy metal with Cantonese pop on the side, all while wearing women’s dresses. His first experience with crossdressing at the age of 14 when he worse his older sister’s school uniform to a party. It’s not too difficult to find out what Ladybeard was like in Hong Kong because you can find just about anything on the Internet if someone posts it but, we caution you that one does not simply become as kawaii as “Bea-chan” overnight. Click at your own risk! It’s not that he wasn’t kawaii but, compared to now it’s like night and day! Depending on which media reports you have seen, the origin stories are always different but if we are talking about idols, why not leave something to the imagination (even if Ladybeard’s outfits make it difficult at times)?

Ladybeard and Sailor Fuku Ojisan in a 2014 commercial for Waseda Juku.

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For more about Sailor Fuku Ojisan.

Ladybeard walked the streets of Shibuya and Harajuku to help Ai Shinozaki promote her solo debut single “A-G-A-I-N”.

More pictures of Ladybeard but mostly Ai Shinozaki here.

Ladybeard Links

Ladybeard Official site:

Ladybeard Official Facebook page:

Ladybeard Official Twitter:

Ladybeard Official Weibo:

1st Single – Nippon Manju (July 29, 2015)

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LADYBABY may at first look like they only have one gimmick which may eventually get old but, they have an all-star team of creators behind them as well. Clearstone, a leading costume maker, who makes the stage outfits for groups like, manages LADY BABY as well as making sure they’re always looking cute. “Nippon Manju” was composed and arranged by Takashi Asano (Team Syachihoko,, Otome Shinto) and the lyrics were written by Natsumi Tadano (, Momoiro Clover Z). ROLLY (ex-Scanch, ex-Rock Fujiyama) provides the guitars and the “Keyboard from Hell” is courtesy of Hajimetal. The coupling song for the single is titled “ULTRA☆LUCKY” and was composed by RAINBOW MOON with lyrics by Shizu Mizuno and arrangement by Taku Kameda (OWARIKARA).

LADY BABY at Shibuya DESEO – July 20, 2015

No matter how many times you may have watched the MV for “Nippon Manju” or any of the other videos on the LADY BABY YouTube channel, there is nothing that can prepare you for seeing them live! We were able to get in to see LADY BABY when they were performing at Shibuya DESEO for re:birth, a tai-ban event on July 20, 2015. Opening with a short video set to dramatic music showing the journey that LADY BABY has taken to become the “overnight success” that it has become, the audience packed into the small live house quickly stood up (they had been sitting during the video so that everyone could see) and rushed to the front of the stage!

The first picture in the gallery from the LADY BABY Facebook page gives you a good idea of just how up close and personal Ladybeard got with the fans in that tiny live house. You could probably feel his breath as he sang if you were close enough. At the same time, Rie and Rei did their best to not let “Bea-chan” steal the show. Rei warned “If you give me less applause than him (Ladybeard), I’m going to kill you all!” However, when someone like Ladybeard introduces themselves as, “The cutest, strongest, and YOUNGEST member of LADY BABY”, how can you not applaud as loud as you can? If Ladybeard is the youngest, does that mean that Rie is the leader of the group?

For those of you hoping for “ULTRA☆LUCKY” to be more of the kawaiicore that grabbed their attention when they first heard “Nippon Manju” will be in for a bit of a disappointment. It’s more along the lines of a typical Japanese idol song, which is not necessarily a bad thing since it allowed the trio to show off their bubbly cute side.

2nd Single – Age Age Money ~Ochingin Daisakusen~ (January 13, 2016)

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Filmed in the streets of Los Angeles and New York during their 2015 performances, the MV for “Age Age Money ~Ochingin Daisakusen~” takes the trio around the world in their search for more money.
The song was composed by Takashi Asano with ROLLY (guitar) and Hajimetal (keyboard) returning. The coupling song “Bea-chan Robot” is a “SF Metal Song”(?!) about Rie and Rei’s first meeting with Ladybeard Robot. Both the songs were produced by Daichi Narita (Natsu no Mamono). The lyrics are about getting paid more and it was a common sight at lives for fans to throw fake bundles of money into the air during the song!

3rd single – Renge Chance! (April 13, 2016)

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“Renge Chance!” might be the heaviest and cutest song about ramen ever! Choreographer Mikitty Honmono is transformed into a ramen-stealing demon who is eventually defeated by strength and cuteness. Lyrics are by Kenji Otsuki (Kinniku Shojo-Tai), and music composed by NARASAKI (BABYMETAL, Momoiro Clover Z).

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Kanae Higashi directs this visually striking MV which stars several Miss iD 2015 members as the scenes flip back and forth between a convenience store and a vibrant girl’s room. Lyrics are by Natsumi Tadano (, Momoiro Clover Z) and music is by Takashi Asano (Team Syachihoko,, Otome Shinto). Akihabara legend Mofuku-chan (Dear Stage, Niji no Conquistador) served as the producer for the single.

Live Performance Highlights

Miss iD Showcases! Upcoming Stars at Tokyo Idol Festival 2015! (Miss iD Stage at Tokyo Idol Festival 2015 – August 2, 2015)

LADY BABY Whips Up a Frenzy at Tower Records in Shibuya During Release Event! (Tower Records Shibuya – August 19, 2015)

LADYBABY First Overseas Live (SOB’s New York, New York, USA – October 11, 2015)

LADYBABY in Los Angeles (Anime Jungle Los Angeles, California, USA – October 13, 2015)

LADYBABY Bring a Burst of Kawaii Chaos to London – Changing the Rules and Smashing the Boundaries of Idol J-Pop in Europe! (HYPER JAPAN Christmas Market London, UK, November 27-29, 2015)

LADYBABY in Germany (Wekstatt Cologne, Germany – December 5, 2015)

LADYBABY 1st Japan Oneman Live 2016 〜Sekai no Rule wo Kaechaou〜 (Shinjuku BLAZE – April 15, 2016)

Other Appearances

Here is LADYBABY in the MV for Natsu no Mamono‘s MV for “Renai Shijo Shugi Summer Everyday”!

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Clearstone Costume Show Halloween Collection 2015 (Shibuya 109 – October 17, 2015)

LADYBABY x Hajime Fantasy Collaboration (November 2015)

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Seiko Omori single “ JOY! Before After” cover and MV (February 17, 2016)

LADYBABY in the commercial for iOS mobile game Shao-Nian-Yong-Zhe-Tuan (少年勇者团) aka Combo Warrior

MV for the theme song for the game Shao-Nian-Yong-Zhe-Tuan (少年勇者团) aka Combo Warrior






LADY BABY Official site:

LADY BABY Official Twitter:

LADY BABY Official Facebook page:

LADY BABY YouTube channel:

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