DEADLIFT LOLITA Are Streets Ahead in the MV for “No More Tears”!

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DEADLIFT LOLITA Are Streets Ahead in the MV for “No More Tears”!

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DEADLIFT LOLITA dry their eyes and roll down the boulevard of dreams in the extravagant MV for “No More Tears”!

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Dressed to the nines, Ladybeard and Reika Saiki head out on the town in a limousine while sipping champagne and singing about the trials and tribulations they experienced while working to make their dreams come true. In addition to the visual and musical shift, Reika alternates between English and Japanese while singing! The lyrics are by Ladybeard with music by KAKKY. “No More Tears” will be released online in the near future so keep an eye out for it!

DEADLIFT LOLITA continue their global conquest with for Daisho Con (November 17-19) in Wisconsin, USA, JAPAN WEEKEND VALENCIA (November 25-26) in Valencia, Spain, Con+Alt+Delete (December 15-17) in Chicago, USA, JAPAN WEEKEND MADRID (February 10-11) in Madrid, Spain, and Anime Oasis Ex (May 25-28) in Idaho, USA.

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