LADYBABY is going to release a 3rd single called “Renge Chance!” on April 13th. The MV for the two main tracks “Renge Chance!” and “C’est si bon Kibun” were published.

Mofuku-chan, the producer of Dempagumi.Inc, was the record producer of this single. The lyric writer was Kenji Otsuki and the composer was NARASAKi for “Renge Chance! In the lyric, it says, “Ramen’s renge (china spoon) will save this world!” and that is the theme for this song. The sound is catchy with metal and pop. Also, for the MV production, BOZO&YGQ, who produces many MV for Dempagumi.Inc, was the producer. The metal sound ringing in the vibrant and lively scene, and the combine of processed anime-ish scene had a huge impact!

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Also, for the coupling track “C’est si bon Kibun”, the convenience store was the set, and the theme was about the Japanese culture as well. For this MV, it’s no exaggeration to say the most important person in the Japanese girls’ culture scene, Kanae Higashi, a designer of the handmade knitwear brand Rurumu, produced the MV. If you are confused why is she doing a MV producer even though she’s a designer, please check out this article!  Higashi produced a movie called “Heavy Shabby Girl” and she selected Rei Kuromiya, a member of LADYBABY, as the leading role. In this MV, there won’t be any metal and pop, so you can see Kanae Higashi’s view of the world. In this clip, it drew out a new appeal point for LADYBABY!

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LADYBABY’s MV is famous for having over 1,200 million total number of views for the 1st single “Nippon Manju” in 6 months! This time, the Tokyo Girls’ Update visited the MV production site. We asked the 3 members about their impression of the MV shooting, one-man live’s resolution on April 15th, and the future goals. Also, we asked Kanae Higashi, the MV producer, about the production.


Rei Kuromiya/黒宮れい

—The MV shooting for “C’est si bon Kibun” is going on for a long time today, but how was it?


Very fun!

—Are there any points you wish to mention?

Kanae Higashi from Rurumu made the costume for “C’est si bon Kibun”just for LADY BABY! That’s why, it looks a bit like an uniform, but Rurumu-ish. We are going to dance with the only one costume in the world, and I’m super excited! Kanae also made all the props as well. It’s so cute! Kanae’s world is just too amazing! When I played the leading part for the movie “Heavy Shabby Girl”, Kanae made all the script and the costumes, so it was easy to do this time, because she knows me well. For this costume, I was happy to hear that she imagined about me.

ladybaby-cest-si-bon-kibun-interview-09 ladybaby-cest-si-bon-kibun-interview-10

-Can we see the costume in the live?

Maybe! It’s so cute, so I want people to see it! Do you think the people overseas think the same way too? It’s like a sailor suit, so I think they will like it?

—What kind of song is “C’est si bon Kibun”?


Natsumi Tadano made the lyric for “C’est si bon Kibun” and we are singing the enjoyment of the Japanese convenience store. What language is C’est si bon? French? What does it mean? (French cameraman: “C’est si bon means very goodd.”) Oh, so it means “very good feeling”! This song can make people happy. Japanese convenience store is different from foreign countries. For example, the interior and what they sell. That’s why, we can tell the uniqueness of the Japanese convenience store.

-So, what kind of song is “Renge Chance!”?

Kenji Otsuki made the lyric for “Renge Chance!” but I think ramen was originally from China (laugh). However, now it’s one of the Japanese culture. The good thing about ramen is the fact that it’s just delicious! I want to let everyone know this (laugh)! Also, for ramen’s renge, other than having the meaning of soup, it also has the meaning of saving the world from the darkness!

-Rei chan, do you like ramen?

I totally love it!! My nails are a bit long now, but on my nails I prepared ramen-ish mark, and fish cakes! (laugh)

ladybaby-cest-si-bon-kibun-interview-11 ladybaby-cest-si-bon-kibun-interview-12

-You prepared it by yourself! (Laugh) Then, do you have any message to tell to the people overseas?

Finally, we are having a one-man live at Tokyo on April 15th! All the one-man live we had was performed at overseas. It’s really fun to have a one-man live at overseas, but one-man live at Japan will be awesome too! However, after having a one-man live at Japan on April 15th, I want to have a one-man live at overseas again! I honestly want to do a live performance abroad!

-Indeed, so the live performance abroad was fun?

It was super fun!!!!

-You had a birthday cake at Hyper Japan at London!

See more photos from LADYBABY’s live report at Hyper Japan :

Yes! Foreigners like things if they like it, right! The attitude and how they enjoy are original and a bit different from Japan. There are quite a lot of people who come to see our live, because they like metal and rock. The tension is different from Japan, so it was very fun. I saw mosh as well (laugh)! Yay!


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