LADY BABY Whips Up a Frenzy at Tower Records in Shibuya During Release Event!

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LADY BABY Whips Up a Frenzy at Tower Records in Shibuya During Release Event!

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No matter how entertaining a MV is, sometimes it comes down to seeing idols at a release event to truly understand their appeal. With almost 7 million views (as of August 21, 2015) for their first MV “Nippon Manju”, LADY BABY has definitely gotten their share of attention from all over the world but, until you have witnessed the power and the fury in person, you have only seen half the picture!


Starting off with “Ultra Lucky”, a cute idol song which is almost the complete opposite of “Nippon Manju”, Ladybeard, Rei Kuromiya, and Rie Kaneko danced cutely on the small stage set up in the middle of Tower Records Shibuya for a crowd that was in danger of spilling out of the doors and into the sidewalk. Phones, tablets, and even several high-spec DSLRs and digital cameras appeared as it was announced that photography would be allowed but filming would not.

Disclaimer: This is not normal practice so make sure to listen to event staff as to whether or not photography or filming is allowed and adhere to their requests.

Greeting the fans, Rie and Rei were given loud cheers as their introduced themselves. As usual, Ladybeard introduced himself as the “cutest, strongest, and YOUNGEST member of LADY BABY” to a wave of shouts and applause. Rei asked the fans to put down their cameras in order to make a manju shape with their hands for the song that everyone had been waiting for, “Nippon Manju”. The front of the stage where Ladybeard was dancing flapped up and down, banging against the floor as the trio danced energetically.

Thanking everyone for coming out to see them, Ladybeard announced their upcoming events, which included a tai-ban event at Shibuya eggman the following night, Osaka Loft Plus One on August 29th, the giant Natsu no Mamono Aomori Rock Festival on September 12th before returning to Tokyo for another tai-ban at Shibuya WWW on September 29th. As a longtime professional wrestler, Ladybeard mistook WWW for WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment).

The cheki-kai (event where fans can have their picture taken with the performer with an instant camera) began and it was like no other similar event that has ever taken place for any other idol or artist before! There was an extremely diverse mix of young girls, older women, non-Japanese (some even bigger than Ladybeard!), and men of all ages all waiting for their moment. LADY BABY is definitely a group that transcends nationality, age, and gender while changing the rules and smashing boundaries!

Even though the event was only for taking pictures, just about everyone who participated went directly to Ladybeard and was wrapped up in his warm embrace before the pictures were taken. As the time ticked on, the event staff began reminding people to refrain from hugging anyone but, Ladybeard kept on going, smiling the entire time. Some nearby customers who were buying CDs for a different artist, looked over and commented on how cute LADY BABY was, even asking each other how much the single was. It would have been amazing if they had just gotten caught up in the moment and bought a CD to take a cheki but still, once you have seen something as unique as LADY BABY up close, your life is probably never the same.


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Photos by Mime Soga

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