Akasaka Halloween: A Goodie Bag Overflowing With Idol Treats!

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Akasaka Halloween: A Goodie Bag Overflowing With Idol Treats!

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Halloween hasn’t always been a big deal in Japan but it seems to be gathering momentum lately.

The second day of Akasaka Halloween on November 1st was further proof of that trend. With 11 groups and soloist You Kikkawa on the schedule (as well as a bunch of Japanese comedians) it was the idol music equivalent of a bag overflowing with candy from a successful night of trick-or-treating!

Festivities kicked off with amorecarina, the little sister group of Chu-Z, who gave an enthusiastic super-cute performance before rushing off to Idol Koshien Festival in Odaiba.

hy4_4yh (pronounced “Hyper Yo-Yo”) came out with a DJ dressed in an astronaut outfit and proceeded to rock the crowd with their energetic brand of fast-paced hip-hop tunes.

You Kikkawa, dressed as a sexy sadistic police officer, beat the audience into submission and had them begging for more as she strutted around the stage brandishing a whip and a toy pistol. We only wish it could be Halloween everyday if this is the result.

Chu-Z took the stage in new white outfits accented with their colors that looked to be inspired by the cover of their latest single “Bombastic!”. A considerable number of Chu Pets (name for Chu-Z fans) were out in full force, brandishing their Bomber Sticks as they shook along to the powerful performance on stage.

nanoCUNE were either dressed as panda witches or skull witches but, one thing was certain, they blasted the crowd with a nonstop set featuring songs like “Tempra”, “Massatsu Rock”, and “Usotsuki Lion”. A particularly impressive feat considering that only hours before they were in Odaiba kicking off Idol Koshien Festival alongside Hime Kyun Fruit Can only a few hours earlier.

Hime Kyun Fruit Can traded in their customary tank tops for maid outfits but whipped the crowd into a jumping, fist-pumping frenzy as they always do. If you hired Hime Kyun Fruit Can as maids, your room would be in shambles but you would not be disappointed because your world would have been rocked anyway.

palet didn’t dress up but, made up for it with a solid performance. Their upcoming single “SNOW DISTANCE” was chill inducing, despite the heat rising from the hot-blooded crowd inside Akasaka Blitz.

PASSPO☆ was without Makoto Okunaka, as she was starring in a play based on the game Dangan Ronpa on the other side of town but they still took all the passengers (PASSPO☆ term for their fans) on a flight worth remembering. Wearing matching Waldo (Wally in Japan) costumes designed by Yukimi Fujimoto for a mere 2000 yen each, the 8-member crew even managed to incite a small mosh pit during their final song “Himawari”.

Even though it had already become November, SUPER☆GiRLS made everyone feel as if summer had never ended with red-hot renditions of “Ahhahha! ~Chouzetsu Bakushou Ondo~” and “MAX! Otome”.

Cheeky Parade became “Cheeky Zombies” but their set was anything but slow and lumbering. Starting with their epic upcoming single “CANDY POP GALAXY BOMB”, Cheeky Parade gave a performance that would have raised the dead. Our only complaint about their zombie makeup was that it prevented us from seeing their cute faces! So cheeky of them!

THE POSSIBOOOOO went all out for Akasaka Halloween. Robin (Robin Shoko Okada) was a bunny girl, Hashimon (Aina Hashimoto) and Akkyan (Yurika Akiyama) were a matching prisoner and police officer matching set, Gotoo (Yuki Goto) was a vampire and Mororin (Kanami Morozuka) was a devil. On top of their amazing costumes, they delivered a set hotter than 100 Jack-o-lanterns, starting with the fast-paced “Do Me! Do!” and not letting up until the end of the towel-waving “Eien Fireball” which only served to fan the flames in the hearts of the fans in the floor area.

UPUPGIRLS (KARI) were the last group up and they came out fighting! Dressed in military-themed outfits, the “Number 1 Fighting Girls” roared across the stage in a blitzkrieg of powerful dancing and uptempo songs starting with the punkish “Ichiban Girls” and the foot-stomping “Survival Girls”. Ending Akasaka Halloween with an “Uppercut”, UPUPGIRLS (KARI) gave a knockout performance that you can watch on their official YouTube channel here.

Everything you may have seen about Halloween in Tokyo is only a fraction of the excitement and craziness going on at this time of year. If you can do it, make plans to be in Tokyo next Halloween and consider Akasaka Halloween as a priority on your list of events to attend!

Stay tuned for our Akasaka Halloween premium gallery filled with hundreds of pictures from this exciting event, including close-ups of your favorite idols! This is just a microscopic sample of the more than 4,000 pictures our hardworking photographers took on this amazing night!

Written by Okkun

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