Parting Words from Morning Musume。’s Sayumi Michishige

Parting Words from Morning Musume。’s Sayumi Michishige

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Sayumi Michishige will graduate from Morning Musume。on November 26th at Yokohama Arena. Let that sink in. In a matter of days, the longest serving member of Morning Musume。 will no longer be a part of the group which she has supported for over 11 years. Think about what you were doing 11 years ago. Were you a fan of Morning Musume. that long ago? Perhaps some of you even remember Morning Musume。before Sayu joined as a fresh-faced youngster from the faraway rural prefecture of Yamaguchi in 2003. Regardless of how long you might have been a fan, her graduation is a monumental change for the group. Tokyo Girls’ Update was fortunate enough to have Sayumi Michishige answer a few of our questions before she flashes her final “Usa-chan Peace!” to the fans at Yokohama Arena.

Please tell us your impressions about the pale pink color you inherited from Ishikawa-san and Konno-san. Then, do you have anything to say to the member who will inherit this color?
Sayumi: Make it your own, and do your best with the “Kawaii pink spirit” which our senior members left behind!

What was the most memorable challenge as the leader (of Morning Musume。 and Hello Project)? Also, please tell us how you overcame that.
Sayumi: I had dreamed of becoming the leader, but I didn’t feel like I was experienced enough. So at the start, I wasn’t confident. I had doubts, and I agonized about it nearly every day. But I got a lot of support from the other members, and the original leader, Yuko Nakazawa, gave me the best advice. She said, “Just be yourself.” She was so nice, so warm to care about me like that. And when I took her advice, a lot of weight was lifted off my shoulders.

What do you expect from ’15?
Sayumi: After my graduation, a new phase will start. This group will be ’15 (one-five). I think our fans can always expect us to change. ’15 will be bigger, and also younger, too. They’ll have a fresh feeling and do all new things. Morning Musume。 will grow even more to be the idol group that represents Japan.

What kind of vision do you have about your activity after graduation?
Sayumi: I don’t have too many plans right now, but the main thing is that I will take a break after graduating. It’s kind of nice to not have plans, because that makes the future more exciting to me.

Finally, please give a message to your international fans who have supported you!
Sayumi: It’s been a long wait, but we’re finally coming to meet our fans overseas in New York. We hope that people will come to us from all around. This is an exciting moment, and we’re going to perform with all our power. Please give us your energy! We’ll give it back more!

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