Ai Shinozaki Releases the Worlds First Social Media Cross Over MV for her New Single “TRUE LOVE”
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Ai Shinozaki revealed the full MV for her new single “TRUE LOVE”(Release date: December 7th)!


Those of you who have been following her official social media accounts must have been puzzled with the random videos that she has been posting. This new MV is the worlds first that used several social media services to create one MV. In the center is this video from Youtube.

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She also used Twitter, Instagram, Niconico Douga, Vine and so on. The small short videos put together create the whole video. By using several social medias, she showed her character in different ways, as we use each social media differently in our daily lives too. For example in Niconico Douga, she did a Niconico live stream.

Maybe you can find a new charm to her through the different videos!

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Uni student. Grew up in Chicago. Always seeking ways to escape to the 2 or 2.5 dimensional world.

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