Risa Satosaki Reveals Everything in the MV for “S!NG”!

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Risa Satosaki Reveals Everything in the MV for “S!NG”!

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Singer-songwriter and company president Risa Satosaki go all out in the MV for “S!NG” from her 1st triple A-side single “S!NG/410/Shonen Shojo” (release date: April 5)!

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The music and scenes shift quickly and abruptly between acoustic folk, rock, ballad, club music, hip-hop, and Dempa. Several of Risa’s former group members from Shojo Kakka no International, DJ OMOCHI (Rhymeberry), Erika Kuroishi, and Karin Shirakawa make a special appearance alongside her as well. Risa Satosaki composed the music and lyrics are by NadaAi who also arranged the song.


Risa Satosaki begins a new radio program titled “Gyuzo to Satosaki Risa no Idol☆Punch” on RADIO BERRY (FM Tochigi) from April 6, 2017. The first guest on the show will be Seiko Omori! Episodes will be broadcast every Thursday from 9:00pm to 9:30pm (JST). She will also be one of the performers at Gyu-No Fes Road to Tochigi 2017 Kick-Off at Shibuya WWW and Shibuya WWW X on April 11, 2017 and Gyu-No Fes Spring Special Shin-Kiba Coast on May 4, 2017 on her way to her biggest stage yet, Zepp Diver City Tokyo on September 22, 2017.

S!ng / 410 / Shonen Shojo / Risa Satosaki

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