Answer Story from! MV for the New Song “WWDBEST” Has Been Released

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Answer Story from! MV for the New Song “WWDBEST” Has Been Released

Sponsored Links has released their MV for “WWDBEST” which will be included their upcoming new album “WWDBEST ~Dempa Ryoko!~”(release date : December 21).

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The song “WWDBEST” is described as “experimental” and has 11 famous creators/producers such as Ken’ichi Maeyamada, Aki Hata, meg rock, Kaseki Cider, Natsumi Tadano, and NOBE writing lyrics and Tamaya 2060% (Wienners), Takashi Asano, Shunsuke Tsuri (agehasprings), Tom-H@ck, and Masaya Koike writing the music.

For the creation of the MV, six creators Takumi Shiga, Smith, Hidenobu Tanabe, Masahiro Tsuruoka, BOZO&YGQ, and Renki Yamasaki, who all have worked on’s MV in the past, participated. Watching the MV, it will remind you of a lot of scenes from the past MVs. If you are fan of and have watched past MVs carefully, it could be received as answer story from them.

With the release of the MV, the songs which will be included has been announced. In addition to the newly recorded songs “WWDBEST”, “Kimi mo Zettai ni Kousan Shinai de Susumanakucha!”, and “Dempa Ryoko!”, 39 other songs will be included in the album (42 songs in totall).

The limited edition includes a DVD with all the MVs from “Demparade Japan” to their newest song “WWDBEST” and a making of video for “WWDBEST”.

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