Doing Everything I Wanna Do!: Hello Kitty Makes YouTube Debut

Doing Everything I Wanna Do!: Hello Kitty Makes YouTube Debut

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Hello Kitty has started her own official YouTube channel, and made her debut as a YouTuber.

Hello Kitty_YouTube_002

Contributor Wanted!!

In true YouTuber fashion, Hello Kitty makes a cheerful greeting to her audience: “Hello! I’m Kitty! To the friends who’ve been there from the beginning, to the friends I’m meeting for the first time, to the friends I haven’t seen in a while, it’s nice to see you.” As she expresses her delight over starting YouTube, Hello Kitty candidly shares about pleading with her management (i.e. Sanrio) to let her be a YouTuber and searching her own name on the Internet. Who would’ve thought we’d hear words like ‘management’ and ‘egosurfing’ come out of Hello Kitty’s mouth?

She goes on to address the common perception that she never chooses her own work while constantly collaborating with companies and other characters. Hello Kitty refutes this, insisting that she chooses everything and ends up doing it all. That’s the Hello Kitty way to do it.

This time, Hello Kitty has chosen her own challenge. She contemplates ideas, like calling her friends over to make videos together. At the end of the video, she concludes with the typical farewell: “Please subscribe to my channel!”

Hello Kitty_YouTube_004

The next video “Nanba Takoyaki Angel” will be posted on September 4 at 12:00 noon(JST), where Hello Kitty will talk about her Gotochi Kitty work and transforming into different characters.

Hello Kitty_YouTube_003

Hello Kitty’s comment:

“I’ve always wanted to say hello on YouTube. I’ve challenged many things up to now, but being a YouTube Creator is a whole other world. I’m excited and nervous, but I’ll express myself with my own words and doing things my own way! Please subscribe to my channel♪”

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Hello Kitty Official YouTube Channel:

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