TOKYO TEMPURA STYLE: A Combination Plate of Dance Served Piping Hot in Shinjuku!

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TOKYO TEMPURA STYLE: A Combination Plate of Dance Served Piping Hot in Shinjuku!

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TOKYO TEMPURA STYLE (Tou Ten Ryu), the unprecedented event featuring TOKYO GIRLS’ STYLE and TEMPURA KIDZ as double headliners as Shinjuku Blaze on November 8th, was an oversized helping of groups with crisp dance skills.

DIANNA☆SWEET, the super-cute 6-member patisserie group from Nagoya, might have been the opening act but they served up some “ICE CREAM MAGIC”, proving that sometimes it’s best to eat your dessert first.

TPD DASH!!, the sister group of Tokyo Performance Doll, might not have their stage talk down yet but, their actions spoke louder than words as they gave a spicy Latin-flavored performance that was familiar yet refreshing at the same time.

Pi-chan, the only boy in TEMPURA KIDZ, came onstage and did a short DJ interlude, tweaking Kyary Pamyu Pamyu’s “Ninja Re Bang Bang” on the turntables before Hitomi Arai from TOKYO GIRLS’ STYLE and YU-KA from TEMPURA KIDZ came out to announce Tokyo Performance Doll.

Tokyo Performance Doll showed the results of their free live promotional tour, as their movements were sharp and full of energy even if they had some trouble remembering where their last and next performances were. If you have a chance, go check out one of their performances and reserve your copy (or copies) of “Dream Trigger”!

Having rocked Tokyo Dome’s La Qua the night before and Shinjuku Tower Records only a few hours earlier, UP UP GIRLS (KARI) were on their A-game despite having crisscrossed all over Japan in the past few weeks in support of their single “Beautiful Dreamer/Zenryoku Pump up/Itadaki wo Mezase”. As their set drew to a close, the air got thicker as the crowd attempted to keep up with their onstage movements.

TEMPURA KIDZ took the stage in a flash, showcasing dance skills, which belied their young ages, and outrageously colorful costumes, getting the crowd moving with their up-beat ska tune “Suimin Busoku”. They then put a twist on the traditional game of janken with their infectiously fun “Gu Choki Pa de Nani Tsukuro” which even had the members of DIANNA☆SWEET dancing along in the back.

TOKYO GIRLS’ STYLE dressed in the bright fluorescent outfits from their 2013 Budokan concert weren’t about to lose to TEMPURA KIDZ when it came to standing out. Performing “COUNT THREE”, “Say long goodbye”, and “existence”, Tokyo Girls’ Style’s short set was a mix of funky and soulful.

TEMPURA KIDZ joined TOKYO GIRLS’ STYLE on stage for the collaboration section of the night with them tackling the challenging “W.M.A.D” and Tokyo Girls’ Style striking an unfamiliar pose as they took on TEMPURA KIDZ’s “ONE STEP”. TOKYO GIRLS’ STYLE left the stage as TEMPURA KIDZ came back to perform “Miira Kiraa”, “Happy Natsu Matsuri”, and Noriyuki Makihara’s famous hit “Donna Toki mo”. The two groups switched places for the last time as Tokyo Girls’ Style returned with “Partition Love”, “Chiisana Kiseki”, and “Attack Hyper Beat POP”. The night came to an end with all members of Tokyo Girls’ Style and TEMPURA KIDZ performing a mashup of “Onaji Kimochi” and “CIDER CIDER” together.

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