With Fans, Nothing is Impossible: Senkou Roadshow Commemorates Sparkling 1st Anniversary

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With Fans, Nothing is Impossible: Senkou Roadshow Commemorates Sparkling 1st Anniversary

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Senkou Roadshow held their 1st anniversary live at DESEO mini with VILLAGE VANGUARD on December 23rd, 2016. One year ago on, the same day, they held the concert “FYT Trainee Teacher 1st one-man concert ~Hajime no Yonho~” at TSUTAYA O-WEST, and started their activity as Senkou Roadshow, with Makoto Maishi joining the group on that day.


As the sound effect signaled the beginning of the show, the members appeared on the stage with the same red outfits they wore one year ago. They kicked off with “NO Netsu no Arashi”, their first original song they played as a group during their first live at TSUTAYA O-WEST. Then they followed it up with “Fire Cyber” and “KIT GET” without stopping. The opening was very nostalgic in that it reminded fans of the group’s passionate beginning.
Along with their gratitude to fans, they also talked about memorable episodes during MC. For the intermission, a slideshow filled with interesting things from the group’s first year was shown.



For the second half of the show, they changed their outfits from red to dark black, and performed “Mission Impossible”, “X-WOMEN”, and “I’ll be Back”. The strong performance showed that they have matured both as people and as performers.



The members attempted to start the encore with “Matrix”, but the intro to the song was stopped twice. This was a surprise celebration prepared by fans.
One fan declared, “We are delighted to see that you have come this far. We will continue to be at your side as you keep going forward. Let’s aim for the top. Happy 1st anniversary, Senkou Roadshow!” Then, anniversary presents from fans were given to each member, and the venue was filled with blessing.


They performed “Matrix” after the surprise, and then sang “Mission Impossible” again, bringing the show that only featured Senkou Roadshow’s original songs to an end.



After the final MC where they revealed future plans, there was an important message from Cleo Kokona.

“I, Cleo Kokona, will graduate from Senkou Roadshow on February 12th.
I have been thinking about things that I really want to try, and I want see if I can accomplish those things. That’s why I am graduating.
Thank you for having found me, and thank you for your support.
The 5 of us will keep doing our best until February 12th. So please support us.”


So, it was a graduation announcement.

She added, “I thought about not mentioning it because the live was so much fun to me.” That was very much like her.
We’ll definitely miss her, and we’re a bit sad because we’ve only spent such a short time with her, but both fans and members know how much potential she has and what the future has in store for her. We are looking forward to their 6th one-man live “Sen to Hikari no Kamikakushi” at Hatsudai The Doors on February 12th for their best performance ever, as a spectacular send-off for a dear friend.
Nothing is impossible, and the future holds no limits.

Senkou Roadshow 1st anniversary live
December 23rd, 2016 at DESEO mini with VILLAGE VANGUARD
1. NO Netsu no Arashi
2. Fire Cyber
4. Yumekawaii Keshiki
5. Ghost ~Shibuya no Maboroshi~
6. Mission Impossible
8. I’ll be Back

EN1. Matrix
EN2. Mission Impossible

Senkou Roadshow 6th One-Man Live “Sen to Hikari no Kamikakushi”
Place:Hatsudai DOORS
Date: 2017 February 12, 2017 (Sunday)
Open: 12:30pm Start: 2:00pm

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