The Next Generation of Red Hot Sensei Idols is Born! “SPARK ROAD SHOW” Debut!

FYT教育実習生、1stワンマンでnew start! 新グループ名は「閃光ロードショー」に決定!
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The Next Generation of Red Hot Sensei Idols is Born! “SPARK ROAD SHOW” Debut!

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FYT Student Teachers, a group of 4 young women who have passed an audition to be new teachers of FYT, a schoolteacher-themed idol group held their first solo concert at TSUTAYA O-WEST on December 23rd. The concert titled “FYT Student Teacher 1st Solo Concert ~First Four Steps~” had several important announcements that surprised both members and their “students” (their term for fans).

At the beginning of the show, a presentation by a man which sounded very similar to a company with a symbol of an apple took place. Their new group name was announced as SPARK ROAD SHOW (Senko ROAD SHOW in Japanese). Senko has two meanings in Japanese: “shining” and it is also slang for “teacher”. The concept of FYT will continue with this new group.


Subsequently, each member was called to the stage and their new names, subjects, and colors were announced.

SparkRoadshow_29 SparkRoadshow_30 SparkRoadshow_31 SparkRoadshow_32

While the members got confused with their unique names, the concert began. Their stately performance heated up the audience with the song “Sekai no Hajimari” as if it was not their first solo concert.



After the song, Kurumin Monroe enthusiastically said that she had been anxious until she saw how many people had gathered and she would do her best to make it a memorable day.


Following the MC, they performed “School orz” and “Roman Weekday”. FYT’s unique characteristic is how they move the audience with the rumbling bass lines of the songs.




The new member was released in the latter MC.


While being nervous, Makoto Maishi was chosen as a new member from 4 candidates who won the final audition.


Surprised that her name was called, she commented that she was happy have her wish of becoming an idol come true and thanked the voters. Other candidates praised her with warm applause. SPARK ROAD SHOW will continue with five members including Makoto Maishi.

Their first solo concert as SPARK ROAD SHOW will be held at Daikanyama LOOP on February 13, 2016.

The main part of the concert came to an end with the surprising choice of “Gakuen Jigoku”


Welcomed by the sound of their name resounding throughout the venue, the members returned for the encore with smiles on their faces. Their first song as SPARK ROAD SHOW was “NO Netsu no Arashi”.

This song has a theme that they want to change the current state of the world where young people lack enthusiasm. Starting with a resounding power chord, the song sped along as the bass drum fired out 16th notes and features “yume-kawaii” rapping by Momones Chan that must be heard to be believed.



The members talked about their future ambitions. Kureo Kokona said that she wanted to appear on a famous TV program like Music Station. Momones Chan told that she was eager to hold a concert at Tokyo Dome. Compared to those lofty dreams, the other two members set their sights a little lower. Angenana Jolie claimed that In order to be famous, she wanted to have a concert with other idols and make appearances on late night TV programs. Kurumin Monroe commented that she wanted to have a concert again in TSUTAYA O-WEST filled with as many people as possible, while continuing their personal activities.

The last song of the night was a new tune titled “Fire Cyber”. With aggressive rock guitars, calling out a MIX fits naturally with its rhythm. It is highly recommended to come to the concert and enjoy this awesome tune.



After their performance, the most surprising news was announced surprising and exciting both the audience and members.

SPARK ROAD SHOW will be making their major debut on Victor Version Music on March 23, 2016! For the members who have been busy practicing for this solo concert, it must have been even more surprising than the numbers of fans in the venue. Their fans celebrated this news with another round of applause.




The debut single is not titled yet but its CD jacket will be determined by the numbers of votes. More votes means more areas that the members appear. Buying their goods, you can vote for this election at the concert.

Although TSUTAYA O-WEST was a big stage for their first solo concert, SPARK ROAD SHOW performed steadily and strengthened the bonds with their fans. With a steadfast dedication towards improving their performances, charm that captures the heart, and friendly personalities, SPARK ROAD SHOW has already built a strong foundation for their future. On top of that, the members who had been tweeting nervously before showtime seemed to enjoy the concert the most, which was very impressive.

SPARK ROAD SHOW will be one of the new stars to keep an eye on in 2016 for sure!

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