Momoiro Clover Z Announces The Start of Nationwide Live Tour 2017 at All 47 Prefectures in Japan!

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Momoiro Clover Z Announces The Start of Nationwide Live Tour 2017 at All 47 Prefectures in Japan!

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Momoiro Clover Z held their countdown concert on New Year’s Eve and announced that they would start a nationwide live tour “Seisyun” at all 47 prefectures in Japan from 2017 April.

This surprising news was announced just after Momoclo’s well-known performance “Shrimp Jump” at the moment of the New Year’s Eve along with their masterpiece “Ikuze! Kaitou Shoujo”. They have held some nationwide concert tours in past, but next one is the real NATIONWIDE tour: they will have concerts at concert halls in all the 47 prefectures in Japan. According to the members, it may take years because they also have other event schedules, but for the upcoming tour, they are sure to visit all the prefectures. 13 schedules and venues of the first series are already announced.

The name of the tour title “Seishun” (青春) reminds us of their past acoustic concert series “Hakusyu” (白秋) and “Gento” (玄冬). Capacity of the concert hall selected for this tour is about 1000-2000 people: obviously small given the popularity of the group.

Momoiro Clover Z already announced the establishment of fan club for international fans in 2017, so let’s look forward to additional information with these hints!

First series of “Momoiro Clover Z all 47 prefectural tour Seisyun”:
-April 22nd Hikone- city, Shiga.
-April 23rd Kakogawa-city, Hyogo.
-April 29th Chitose-city, Hokkaido.
-May 3rd Fukuyama-city, Hiroshima.
-May 4th Kitakyusyu-city, Fukuoka.
-May 6th Okayama-city, Okayama.
-May 7th Takamatsu-city, Kagawa.
-May 20th Matsue-city, Shimane.
-May 21st Tottori-city, Tottori.
-May 27th Niigata-city, Niigata.
-May 28th Kanazawa-city, Ishikawa.
-June 3rd Kishiwada-city, Osaka.
-June 4th Nara-city, Nara.

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nori: is a fan of Ayaka Sasaki (A-rin) of Momoiro Clover Z since the first glance of her IDOL performance on YouTube in 2011. Hoping to be of some help them in becoming world-famous group, and world-famous "A-rin"!

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