Full of Fighting Spirit : Senkou Roadshow Run the Whole Distance from Shibuya to Hatsudai

初台ワンマンSOLD OUTを祈願!閃光ロードショー、闘魂注入!閃光マラソン無事完走
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Full of Fighting Spirit : Senkou Roadshow Run the Whole Distance from Shibuya to Hatsudai

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On Tuesday, January 10th, members of the movie-themed unit “Senkou Roadshow” held “Toukon Chunyu! Senkou Marathon (闘魂注入!閃光マラソン)”, to pray for the success of their 6th one-man show “Sen to Hikari no Kamikakushi” in February, from their offices in Shibuya to the site of the show in Hatsudai.




The members were filled with motivation before the start, but their faces gradually darkened.
Members called out to each other, in order to run all the way from Shibuya to Hatsudai.


Fans who had heard about the marathon gathered at the goal and celebrated together with the finishing members.

“At first I thought it was a reckless thing to attempt, but we were able to complete the distance while supporting each other, and I think it has made our bonds stronger.” said Momo Wakabayashi, one of the members, describing her sense of accomplishment at having successfully reached the goal.

Senkou Road Show’s 6th solo show, “Flash & Light Spirited Away” is planned for Sunday, February 12th at The DOORS in Hatsudai. Member Kokona Yamamoto, known as Cleo Kokona, has announced she will be leaving the group after this show, making it the last chance to see the group in its current formation.

Senkou Roadshow 6th One-Man Live “Sen to Hikari no Kamikakushi”
Place:Hatsudai DOORS
Date: 2017 February 12, 2017 (Sunday)
Open: 12:30pm Start: 2:00pm

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Photos by Mime Soga

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