Teaser of Documentary Footage Included with Seiko Oomori’s New Album, Sennou, Released!

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Teaser of Documentary Footage Included with Seiko Oomori’s New Album, Sennou, Released!

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A clip of the documentary and live footage included with the December 3rd (Wednesday) release of Seiko Oomori’s first album, Sennou, was uploaded to Seiko Oomori’s official YouTube channel.

Contents of her attention-grabbing documentary include the announcement of her major debut at (Ebisu) LIQUIDROOM, being lifted on a bike, working in a flower garden, flying in the sky on a robot, getting her front teeth pulled, hating the world and crying, going “kyuru kyuru”, battling the summer festival, meeting Nana-chan, getting married, spending summer break in Hachijojima, recording, chatting with Mineta from Ginnan BOYZ, turning 27, making her major debut, cutting off her bangs after they started bothering her, showing off her ultimate wota nerdiness and appearing with Sayu, the making of a super fun time in hell with Negima Club. The footage, taken over 200 days, showcases a range of emotions and the contents of this approx. 60 minute release are a definite must see!

type■ release The Pink Tokarev Kinema Club Digest (Pintoka Kinema Kurabu Digest)

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type★ release The Mori Stage Special Bumper Issue Digest (Morisute Tokudaigo Digest)

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Seiko Oomori’s first album release on December 3rd, Sennou, naturally includes her debut single “Kyuru Kyuru”, the live hit “Date wo Yameyou”, “Noroi wa Mizuiro”, the theme song of the movie Wonderful World End (directed by Daigo Matsui) out January 17th, and “Imitation Girl”, which members of the TIF sponsored Miss iD contest performed the chorus of, are included for a wonderful, 13 tracks in total release.

Additionally, Seiko Oomori will hold a succession of release events leading up to the December 3rd drop of her major first album on the following dates: November 24th (Fukuoka), November 25th (Hokkaido), November 27th (Osaka), November 29th (Aichi), and December 4th and 7th (Tokyo), so be sure to attend!

Already hurling rocks at the current music scene with her celebrated first album Sennou, and with the coinciding announcement of her “Bakuretsu! Nana-chan to Iku Love Love Sennou Tour”, it’ll be interesting to see until next spring what kind of mark Seiko Oomori leaves behind.

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Sennou -Album [Type▲]

Momoiro Yobanashi Dai Ni Ya (2)
Sennou -Album [Type★]

Sennou -Album [Type■]

 Translated by Jamie Koide

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