Hamu Fes vol.2: Idols Assemble in Support of Ichigo Rinahamu! Twin Tail Justice Go!

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Hamu Fes vol.2: Idols Assemble in Support of Ichigo Rinahamu! Twin Tail Justice Go!

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Held on November 15th in Shibuya’s GARRET udagawa live house, Hamu Fes vol.2, the second event organized by solo idol Ichigo Rinahamu, was a sold out packed house overflowing with enthusiasm in support of the “princess of the strawberry country” on her quest to make it as a solo artist.

Rio Hiiragi had the audience wide-awake and “Rio-Rio-ing” along with her loudly during her “Rio Rio →no Uta” (Rio Rio’s song) and the other songs in her short set list before she took off for Taiwan to perform at Little Tokyo Crazy Kawaii Taipei along with Afilia Saga and Moso Calibration.

Avandoned, the “rejects” of the PIP:Platonics Idol Platform audition, made a strong case for fans to find a reason to adopt them into their hearts. Even when Beni Usakura lost her shoes while crowd surfing, the storm whirling on and off stage didn’t slow down, destroying everything in its path.


With a name like Oyasumi Hologram, Hachigatsu-chan and Kanami Mochizuki were a bit tentative with their greetings, debating whether to use “Good Morning” (ohayou gozaimasu) or “Good Night” (oyasumi nasai). As they have started looking to add more members since October, expect Oyasumi Hologram to become even more of a force to be reckoned with in the near future.


NEXT Shojo Jiken was all they had been rumored to be and then some. Whatever you may have seen of them on YouTube is just a fraction of what goes down when they hit the stage in person!

The group originally known as NANTOKA KANTOKA (Japanese for “something or other”), Nato☆Kan were cruel and kind, simultaneously whacking audience members over the head with paper fans and squeaky mallets while checking their conditions with a stethoscope.

Tsubasa Fly, a 5-member rock unit that got their start performing a boat race event, weaved across the small stage at GARRET udagawa like racing boats jockeying for position all while belting out lyrics of deep emotion and pain.


There was a short talk section where Tokyo Shock Boy Gyuzo and Internet infrastructure researcher/idol group producer Satoshi Hamano asked Rinahamu about her 5,000 CD goal and gave her some suggestions on how she could get to her goal faster. According to her new website, as of November 10th, she had sold 925 CDs.


PIP:Platonics Idol Platform, the group produced by Satoshi Hamano and known for performing in office boardrooms and university classrooms was next. Even though their website might be difficult to understand, their performance was simple and to the point.


Ichigo Rinahamu finally took the stage and the sold out audience (including many of the other idols who had performed earlier) were chanting her name and performing wotagei throughout her entire set. Whether it was the cute “Ichigo”, the fast dance number “Banana Wani”, or the emotional “Kimi to Nara”, Ichigo Rinahamu had her loyal subjects waving their pink light sticks and cheering non-stop.

DJ younaP riled up the crowd with Momoiro Clover Z’s “Santa-san” which was probably one of the few times that song incited such an intense mosh pit. As the set continued, “Ichigo”, the first track of Rinahamu’s single came on over the sound system and Rinahamu came out for an impromptu encore. The two twin-tailed idols then performed their upcoming collaboration single “Kiramekiraririkaru” (release date: December 2, 2014) and kept things rocking as Hamu Fest vol. 2 came to an end.

After sticking around for a few minutes after to take two-shots and shake hands with fans that had purchased her CD, Rinahamu was off to Nagoya to do more performances! Despite the early start time, Hamu Fes vol.2 was an amazing gathering of underground idols that should be getting a lot more attention in the near future so let’s do all we can to ensure that the reign of the “princess of the strawberry country” is long and fruitful. At the moment, the only place you can buy Rinahamu’s single is on her website or at her appearances but maybe if you leave a comment when you purchase her collaboration single on CD Japan or Amazon, you can somehow petition for them to carry it?

Photos by Kai Okudara

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