There Can Only Be One: Seiko Oomori Unveils Fantastic MVs for “Ryusei Heaven”

死を恐れない大胆さ ——大森靖子「流星ヘブン」MV公開
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There Can Only Be One: Seiko Oomori Unveils Fantastic MVs for “Ryusei Heaven”

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Seiko Oomori released the MV of “Ryusei Heaven” from her new album “MUTEKI”, which will be put on the market on September 27th, 2017.


In the MV, there are three Seiko Oomori that appear. She drags the body of her other self along the ground inside a forest. In another scene, she coincidently encounters her other self at the center of the town and kills her. As shown, the story was created out of the motif of the doppelganger, which is full of mysterious madness.

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Furthermore, the lyrics mainly reflect on her view of life and death. “I will perish and be re-born every second. Please, pick up all my corpses and love them.” “Death is the only result of human life. If you want to win the game, which body of me should you kill?”

Seiko Oomori does not feel fear death and denies living a daily life in this song. This is because she thinks of loving myself, who will perish someday, leads to affirm the life.

This music video has two patterns; one is uploaded on her YouTube Channnel and the other is on Gyao! (only viewable in Japan). Viewing carefully, you will find the differences between them. If you find the differences, you can apply for the promotional campaign. Why don’t you try!?


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MUTEKI / Seiko Omori
MUTEKI / Seiko Omori

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