HKT48 Rino Sashihara Makes a Triumphant Return to Hakata with #1 Position on Sousenkyo!

HKT48 Rino Sashihara Makes a Triumphant Return to Hakata with #1 Position on Sousenkyo!

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HKT48 Rino Sashihara, who won #1 at this year’s AKB48 Sousenkyo (general election), has made the first appearance at Gekijo Kouen in Hakata on 19th after the Sousenkyo. She returned there in triumph decorative paper ball and celebration banner arranged.

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Sashihara had been massaging her breasts in order to prepare for the promised swimsuit concert and has been passing on techniques to the flat-chested members of the group. She confessed about a rather odd pleasurable experience that she had – “When I was mentoring Natsu (Natsumi Tanaka) and Natsumikan (Natsumi Tanaka), I noticed Ume (Izumi Umemoto) was listening from afar. It made me happy that there is a woman inside of Ume.” Umemoto, upon hearing about this, collapsed to the ground in embarassment.

In an interview before the performance, Sashihara reflected upon how elated she was to regain the post of AKB’s leading lady. “I still can’t believe that I received a total of 190,000 votes. It’s been 3 years since I came to Fukuoka. It was an honor to be able to achieve first place at the prestigious YAHUOKU! Dome. I thank my fans in Fukuoka – this was all possible because you accepted me when I first came here”.


Sashihara says that she has no specific demands for AKB48’s 41st single, for which she will be front and center. “Paruru was actually the only one who was asked what kind of song she wanted to sing as the leading lady. As for me, it’s all up to Mr. Akimoto. ”

When asked about the responsibility of leading the group, Sashihara answered, “I actually don’t feel any responsibility whatsoever. I kind of just leave everything up to Yui (Yokoyama), Mayu (Watanabe), and Yuki (Kashiwagi). The same goes for when I’m working with HKT. I try to avoid taking responsibility”. Her free-spirited answer made the press chuckle.

In the end of the concert, Nako Yabuki was celebrated for her birthday (turned 14 on June 18th). HKT48 Gekijo Kouen on that day was filled with happy celebrating moods from the beginning to the end.


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