Rinne Yoshida×Rurumu Photo Project ~The Invincible Self~ vol.3 : Shinjuku

吉田凜音×縷縷夢兎 ~The Invincible Self~ vol.3 新宿
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Rinne Yoshida×Rurumu Photo Project ~The Invincible Self~ vol.3 : Shinjuku

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Shinjuku. Is there another part of Tokyo with as much diversity?

rinne-rurumu-vol3-shinjuku-06 rinne-rurumu-vol3-shinjuku-07 rinne-rurumu-vol3-shinjuku-08 rinne-rurumu-vol3-shinjuku-09

You’ve got your secretaries and businessmen, and your hosts and hostesses. Outside the station at Shinjuku ALTA is where gyaru go, while just around the corner and down the street you’ll find otaku at Animate. There’s so many tourists. After awhile it all becomes a blur. Unlike Harajuku and Ginza, here in Shinjuku you can just go with the flow.

rinne-rurumu-vol3-shinjuku-10 rinne-rurumu-vol3-shinjuku-11 rinne-rurumu-vol3-shinjuku-12 rinne-rurumu-vol3-shinjuku-13

It’s like she’s singing that part of Seiko Oomori’s song “Shinjuku” that goes, “Walking down the streets in that part of town, if you’ve got no talents, you’ll love Shinjuku. It’s okay if you get some dirt on you,”

rinne-rurumu-vol3-shinjuku-15 rinne-rurumu-vol3-shinjuku-16

because that’s so much of everything that you almost feel buried alive. In fact you might be. But wearing Rurumu mysteriously makes any girl invincible to it all.


Rinne Yoshida certainly embodies that in this photo.

rinne-rurumu-vol3-shinjuku-36rinne-rurumu-vol3-shinjuku-01 rinne-rurumu-vol3-shinjuku-02 rinne-rurumu-vol3-shinjuku-04 rinne-rurumu-vol3-shinjuku-05rinne-rurumu-vol3-shinjuku-17 rinne-rurumu-vol3-shinjuku-18 rinne-rurumu-vol3-shinjuku-19 rinne-rurumu-vol3-shinjuku-20 rinne-rurumu-vol3-shinjuku-21 rinne-rurumu-vol3-shinjuku-22 rinne-rurumu-vol3-shinjuku-23 rinne-rurumu-vol3-shinjuku-24 rinne-rurumu-vol3-shinjuku-26rinne-rurumu-vol3-shinjuku-27 rinne-rurumu-vol3-shinjuku-28 rinne-rurumu-vol3-shinjuku-29 rinne-rurumu-vol3-shinjuku-30 rinne-rurumu-vol3-shinjuku-31 rinne-rurumu-vol3-shinjuku-32 rinne-rurumu-vol3-shinjuku-33 rinne-rurumu-vol3-shinjuku-34 rinne-rurumu-vol3-shinjuku-35

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