Rinne Yoshida×Rurumu Photo Project ~The Invincible Self~ vol.2 : At Building Rooftop

吉田凜音×縷縷夢兎 ~The Invincible Self~ vol.2 ビルの屋上にて
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Rinne Yoshida×Rurumu Photo Project ~The Invincible Self~ vol.2 : At Building Rooftop

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It was February in Tokyo, where there’s still a chill in the air. Continuing from where the first volume left off, this Rinne Yoshida×Rurumu shot was taken on the rooftop of a building in Shinjuku.


Her expression appears troubled, as if she’s plagued by worry. As she looks over the edge of the roof with her bunny, down at the busy Shinjuku district in Tokyo’s metropolis below, what kind of thoughts are running through her mind?

rinne-rurumu-vol2-rooftop-18 rinne-rurumu-vol2-rooftop-19 rinne-rurumu-vol2-rooftop-20

For the third volume, we’ll go on a stroll with Rinne through the jam-packed streets of Shinjuku. Any girl will feel invincible when she’s decked out in Rurumu. That was what we kept in mind as we snapped so many shots that we could have died! So until next time!


rinne-rurumu-vol2-rooftop-01 rinne-rurumu-vol2-rooftop-02 rinne-rurumu-vol2-rooftop-03 rinne-rurumu-vol2-rooftop-04 rinne-rurumu-vol2-rooftop-06 rinne-rurumu-vol2-rooftop-09rinne-rurumu-vol2-rooftop-11 rinne-rurumu-vol2-rooftop-13rinne-rurumu-vol2-rooftop-17 rinne-rurumu-vol2-rooftop-15rinne-rurumu-vol2-rooftop-21 rinne-rurumu-vol2-rooftop-22 rinne-rurumu-vol2-rooftop-23 rinne-rurumu-vol2-rooftop-24

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