Rinne Yoshida×Rurumu Photo Project ~The Invincible Self~ vol.1

吉田凜音×縷縷夢兎 ~The Invincible Self~ vol.1
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Rinne Yoshida×Rurumu Photo Project ~The Invincible Self~ vol.1

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Rinne Yoshida. Embarking on a solo career in 2013, she’ll be making a big move from Hokkaido to attend high school in Tokyo after graduating junior high school next spring. But contrary to her cute appearance, those who have heard her sing know she’s got a strong, powerful, and confident vocals.

rinne-rurumu-collab-studio-07 rinne-rurumu-collab-studio-01 rinne-rurumu-collab-studio-02

This time Rinne will star in a new collaboration project for DVD magazine IDOL NEWSING vol.2, where she’ll appear dolled up in the hues of brand Rurumu World by designer Kanae Higashi.


The project will be spread over three volumes, and here in this first part of the series, Rinne appears in an outfit Rurumu, surrounded by props to evoke the feeling of floating through an ennui-like atmosphere.

rinne-rurumu-collab-studio-12 rinne-rurumu-collab-studio-13 rinne-rurumu-collab-studio-14 rinne-rurumu-collab-studio-17 rinne-rurumu-collab-studio-19 rinne-rurumu-collab-studio-20

rinne-rurumu-collab-studio-22 rinne-rurumu-collab-studio-23 rinne-rurumu-collab-studio-24 rinne-rurumu-collab-studio-25 rinne-rurumu-collab-studio-26 rinne-rurumu-collab-studio-28 rinne-rurumu-collab-studio-29 rinne-rurumu-collab-studio-30 rinne-rurumu-collab-studio-32 rinne-rurumu-collab-studio-34rinne-rurumu-collab-studio-38 rinne-rurumu-collab-studio-39 rinne-rurumu-collab-studio-41 rinne-rurumu-collab-studio-42 rinne-rurumu-collab-studio-44 rinne-rurumu-collab-studio-45 rinne-rurumu-collab-studio-46 rinne-rurumu-collab-studio-47 rinne-rurumu-collab-studio-50 rinne-rurumu-collab-studio-51 rinne-rurumu-collab-studio-52

Rurumu (Kanae Higashi)
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Photos, Hair & Make by Masayo
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Rinne Yoshida
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Been working in girls’ fashion magazines for a long time and am now the chief editor of Tokyo Girls’ Update. I have more expertise in Japanese teen fashion than anyone else (probably)! I’m a huge fan of the Revolutionary Girl Utena and Bakemonogatari animes.

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