Who is The Next Leader of Hello! Project : Morning Musume.’16 or ANGERME?

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Who is The Next Leader of Hello! Project : Morning Musume.’16 or ANGERME?

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℃-ute will be disbanded after the concert to be held at Saitama Super Arena in June 2017. Tsunku♂, the ex-producer of Hello! Project, admitted their quality of performance as the best in Hello! Project. The loss of the group means a lot in this whole idol industry.

I watched the group at the event “Idol Yokocho Festival!!” in 2012 for the first time. Many of the current big names such as and BABYMETAL were at the festival. Seeing their performance with my own eyes, I was stunned at all. The group reminded me of belonging to the different class from the other idol groups there, to be honest. Looking back the event, Ikuo Minewaki, the president of Tower Records, commented that their performance was way too superior to that of the others.


After disbandment of ℃-ute, the current top group from Hello! Project, who will take over the important position then?

First of all, Hello! Project has Hello! Project’s leader group apart from each group’s leader. Who will receive the baton which has passed from Sayumi Michishige to Maimi Yajima? Let’s think of the possibilities, considering from the date of joined Hello! Project.

Momoko Tugunaga(ex-Berryz Kobo/Country Girls) in June 2002.
Ayaka Wada(ANGERME) in July 2004.
Akari Takeuchi(ANGERME), Mizuki Fukumura(Morning Musume.’16), and Karin Miyamoto(juice=juice) in 2008.

Judging by age, Tsugunaga would be the first choice. However, Wada and Fukumura would be the strong possibility too because those are the leaders of each group. Miyamoto sounds a little bit weak as the choice but she surely has the talent to be the leader in the future.

At the release event of ANGERME’s new single, concerning the disbandment of ℃-ute, Wada claimed that it would be a chance for ANGERME to become the top group of Hello! Project. Takeuchi followed it with a calm and composed smile that she thought that the group could defeat Morning Musume.’16. The audience there believed that their remark was not just a show off.

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Before the graduation concert of Meimi Tamura in May 30th 2016, Wada triumphantly commented that she was absolutely confident in current ANGERME. She proved with the overwhelming performance what she claimed was inviolate. There could not be seen any girls crying due to fear and anxiety after renaming the group name from S/milage to ANGERME. This always happens but I was so surprised how fast girls grew up in such a short period.

ANGERME evolves at the incredibly rapid rate day by day as they recorded the highest number of the audience in the release events. Their power might have been already just before that of Morning Musume.’16.

On the contrary, Morning Musume.’16 seems to remain in obscurity. The loss of Riho Sayashi and Sayumi Michishige, the big aces of Morning Musume.’15 may still have a lasting huge effect to the group. Regarding all the members as the ace, it can not be denied that the group looks less interesting and attractive. However, their history is the reason we hope them for the brighter future.

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Looking back their past, this is not the first time the dark clouds hanging over the group. Their history of 20 years obviously has the bright and dark side. The group has evolved by getting over the crisis, which makes people believe that the group would overcome adversity. The future of Morning Musume.’16 is WOW WOW WOW WOW as it is.

Morning Musume.’16 and ANGERME, reigning supreme in the high quality of performance, will grow up through friendly rivalry. The fact that their competitiveness accelerates the growth is important and it does not mean a lot to decide which group the top of Hello! Project is. We, otaku for Hello! Project, are very proud of the overwhelming performance sustained by huge love for Hello! Project.

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