With a Snap of the Fingers, Haruka Shimazaki and AKB48 Ignite a Disco Inferno in the MV for “High Tension”!

With a Snap of the Fingers, Haruka Shimazaki and AKB48 Ignite a Disco Inferno in the MV for “High Tension”!

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AKB48 throws a huge dance party for Haruka Shimazaki‘s final single with the MV for “High Tension” (release date: November 16)!

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Opening with “Paruru” (Shimazaki’s nickname) in a trailer listening to music, lights begin turining on each time she snaps her fingers. Going outside, her powers grow and she leads the rest of the senbatsu members and 1,400 extras on a wild disco party adventure that eventually leads to a cruise down a river as fireworks decorate the night sky. The lyrics are by Yasushi Akimoto, the music is by Satori Shiraishi and arrangement is by Hiroshi Sasaki. Even though the theme of the MV is “Paruru magic” as shown by her ability to make things happen when she snaps her fingers, the most magical thing might be that this is the full version?

The MV goes to several unexpected places and also features some special guests!

More closeups of “Paruru”! She commented that it was the first time to see AKB48 have such an upbeat “norinori” song/MV and was most surprised to see Ken’ichi Endo (he’s known for playing tough guy roles) and really happy to see Pepper dancing as well. For her it was a MV full of surprises and the filming was really enjoyable. During the scenes at Robot Restaurant, some of the extras from overseas taught her some English as well.

More closeups of the other senbatsu members aka 『High Tension (Hyper)』 All Stars!

“High Tension” will be sold in 5 limited editions and 5 regular versions. The coupling song for all versions is “Osaekirenai Shoudou” by Waiting Circle. The Type-A exclusive track is “Happy End” by Renatchies (Renaccheese?). The Type-B exclusive track is “Better”, Haruka Shimazaki’s graduation song. The Type-C exclusive track is “Hoshizora wo Kimi ni” by Team 8 EAST. The Type-D exclusive track is “Shishunki no Adrenaline” by Team 8 WEST. The Type-E exclusive track is “Seishun Tired” by Tentomu-Chu. The DVDs for each version include the MVs for “High Tension” and “Osaekirenai Shoudou” and their exclusive track. The limited editions include an event ticket and the regular versions include a randomly selected nama shashin”. If you’re planning to see “Paruru” one last time, this is the single you MUST GET because her final handshake event will be on December 24, 2016.

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