moumoon sing “Hello,shooting-star” to keep dear things alive

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moumoon sing “Hello,shooting-star” to keep dear things alive

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That his the spot. There’s nothing like moumoon’s songs to start the day.
Their new single “Hello,shooting-star” is set to hit the shelves of Japanese stores on February 25th.

The song is a medium-tempo tune that will be used as the ending theme for Fuji TV’s upcoming anime series “Assassination Classroom (Ansatsu Kyoushitsu)” premiering on January 9. Regarding the song, YUKA commented, “I wanted to make it a song that, like a shooting star, will gently push the backs of those who listen to it.”

The music video starts with the scene that YUKA sheds a drop of tear, that is really heartbreaking.  Then, she keeps closing her eyes during almost scenes following that. A suggestive story for knowing the reason why can be found in official explanation.
“I can see Nostalgic landscapes and heartwarming scenes behind my eyes, but it may no longer exist if I open my eyes. However, all of them are surely still living in my heart. This is such an emotional film describes “home in one’s heart” that everyone has.”

YUKA’s lyric and singing voice, that leaves nostalgic and emotional feeling among the listeners, coupled harmoniously with a catchy and gentle melody masterfully played by MASAKI. The perfect combination created moumoon’s sentimental heart-touching world as always. Please devote yourself to their comfortable music. We guess that will be a good way to enrich your heart.

Hello,shooting-star / moumoon

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“Lately, I haven’t seen any shooting stars out at night.”
This feeling spurs me to look up the skies and start searching for shooting stars out in the horizon. And when I manage to find one, I cannot help but be left both speechless and impressed.
I strongly believe that “A lot of things change every day but having dreams is something I cannot leave behind. I do not want to change the things that I hold dear to me.”
I want this song to be just like a shooting star, which can inspire the listeners in a subtle way, as if they were being quietly nudged into action.

While it has gentle melodies and soft voice tones, there’s something welling up within this song; I have created this song in such a way that it builds up in the latter half, hence I want the listeners will listen to it right until the very end.
I hope that this will leave even a slight emotional impact on those who listen to it.

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Hello,shooting-star / moumoon
Hello,shooting-star [CD+DVD]

Hello,shooting-star / moumoon

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