Marina Nagasawa Outgrows “Marichu”? New Photobook “glows” to Show her Adult Side!
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Marina Nagasawa, the babyfaced “legal lolita” who recently withdrew from the idol group Houkago Princess, looks to be ready to show off her more mature side with the release of her new photobook “glows” (release date: January 30).

Having caught the attention of fans from all of the world with her youthful face and curvy body, it seems like a lot has changed in the few short months since she released “Hatachi no Yakusoku” in September of 2016. While she can still be seen in the live-action film/television adaptation of “Saki” alongside many other idols, the cover of “glows” hints at a new direction in her career as a model. “glows” also includes a 60-minute long DVD.

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