Legal Lolita Marina Nagasawa Becomes Cover Girl for Tabloid “Cyzo”!

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Legal Lolita Marina Nagasawa Becomes Cover Girl for Tabloid “Cyzo”!

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Marina Nagasawa, member of idol group Houkago Princess and gravure model, became cover girl for Japanese tabloid “Cyzo” (September 2016 issue)!


She is baby-faced but now 20 years old (as for August 2016). With red lip color and high heels, you can see matured sexiness of her, which is different from her usual style.

For Cyzo’s cover, a lot of famous gravure models such as Risa Yoshiki and Sayaka Tomaru have appeared before. It must be a new step for her gaining more popularity as gravure model!

On the release date of the magazine, Marina posted behind the scene photo on her Twitter. That fingers…!

There are some pictures from the tabloid by fans on Twitter…! Wow!

Her interview is also in the magazine, so if you’re fan of her, don’t miss getting it!

Cyzo, September 2016 issue

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