BiS to Run 100km Marathon and Live in Car to Start 1st Tour, Releases 2 Songs From 2nd Album

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BiS to Run 100km Marathon and Live in Car to Start 1st Tour, Releases 2 Songs From 2nd Album

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As BiS prepares to begin their first tour since being restarted in September of 2016, they have revealed 2 songs from their upcoming second album “Re:STUPiD” (release date: February 22). “Ashita ga Kuru nara” and “Give Me a Chocolate” are available as free downloads on OTOTOY and listening on Soundcloud.


However, in true BiS fashion, that would not be the only news as producer/manager Junnosuke Watanabe announced on January 19th that the members of BiS would be sleeping in the car for a week starting from the almost 900km drive from Tokyo to Fukuoka for the opening date of their Re:STUPiD tour on January 21st. From there they would go to Osaka for a performance at STUDIO PARTITA on January 22nd, and have in-store events in Hyogo (23rd), Nagoya (24th), and Shizuoka (25th) before returning to Tokyo for Pour Lui’s talk show and autograph session in Shibuya on January 26th. On January 27th, BiS will be performing with Mio Yamazaki in an event titled THE BATTLE OF SHIBUYA at Shibuya duo MUSIC EXCHANGE. The entire time that the members are in the car, they will only be allowed to eat rice.

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January 28th start a 1-week long series of talk shows accompanying the premier of their documentary “BiS Tanjou no Uta” with Pour Lui appearing. While none of the members will be at the January 29th screening, it has been decided that they will be running a 100km marathon that day. The members continue their appearances on January 30th (Aya Eight Prince) and January 31st (Kika Front Frontal/Go Zeela) and resume the tour at Fushimi JAMMIN’ in Nagoya on February 2nd. A second documentary to be screened in late February titled “WHO KiLLED IDOL? SiS Shoumetsu no Uta” will explore the short-lived “rival group” of BiS composed of GANG PARADE members Yuka Terashima, Coco Partin Coco, and Yui Ga Dokuson.

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