Rock, Dance, and Everything in Between: Idols of All Kinds Assemble for @JAM the Field vol. 7

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Rock, Dance, and Everything in Between: Idols of All Kinds Assemble for @JAM the Field vol. 7

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Vowing during the opening ceremony that they would “sparkle more than Nicho Halo”, GEM proved that it was no idle threat as they had the crowd in the palm of their hand from the moment their intro music came on over the sound system. Along with the anthemic “We’re GEM”, “Star Shine Story”, and “Do You Believe?” they had fans attempting to shake a leg during “Just! Call Me” and throwing their hands in the air during “BFF”.

1. We’re GEM!
2. BFF
3. Star Shine Story
4. Just! Call Me
5. Do You Believe?
6. Can’t Stop Loving

Nicho Halo, “local idols” from Shinjuku 2-chome (Tokyo’s LGBT neighborhood) may have the concept of “even if we’re gay, we can become idols” but, there was no doubting their credentials. When they aren’t out being the “#1 gay idols in Japan”, they’re choreographing for groups like BiS and Shiritsu Ebisu Chugaku. The “older sisters” of modern idol culture had no problems getting the audience to “ebizori” along with them to “nerve” and laugh as they played a game of “Red Light Green Light” (Daruma-san ga Koronda) during “Final Dance”.

Guest: Nicho Halo
1. nerve (BiS cover)
2. Final Dance (BiS cover)

Having appeared at the opening in school uniforms, callme, the self-produced subunit of Dorothy Little Happy, made their dramatic entry on the stage in dresses and tights with neoplasticism geometric prints and short bob cut wigs. Aiming to explore more soulful music, callme seems to have their sound influenced heavily by Shibuya-kei. They strutted back and forth on the stage as if they were on a runway and Koume sang/rapped 2 verses written in English during “Once again”.

1. To Shine
2. Mata Itsuka

As promised, UPUPGIRLS (KARI) performed “Kira Kira Mirai” which is a fist-pumping rock song that had the members striking dynamic poses as they belted out the vocals. After getting the blood flowing with “Zenryoku! Pump Up!!”, fans swooned with every “kimi ni” (with you) and finger point during the cute and girly “Niji Iro Mosaic”, even more so when Azusa Sekine whispered “Suki da yo” (I love you). Followed up by the graceful “Beautiful Dreamer”, their Oricon top 10 ranked (#7) single, it’s performance polished smooth by the long distances they traveled to promote is, UPUPGIRLS (KARI) cut loose with “UPPER ROCK” and “Uppercut!” Reminding the fans that they are still recording new songs and will shortly be debuting new outfits as they start their first 47-prefecture tour, Sekine added “even if it’s only for 1 minute, please come and see us!”

1. Zenryoku! Pump Up!!
2. Niji Iro Mosaic
3. Beautiful Dreamer
4. Kira Kira Mirai
6. Uppercut!

Although no one could have predicted what was going to happen to Babyraids JAPAN in the weeks to follow, Rikako Oya told the audience “For those of you who think nothing has changed since last year…there’s a lot more to come!” Even before their dramatic image change later that month, there was a more determined feel to their performance that night; their voices sounded stronger and their dance moves (even Rio Watanabe’s) seemed sharper. They got fans of all the different idol groups to link arms and dance along to “Tora Tora Tiger!” and delivered a rocking performance that seemed to promise the coming of big things in 2015.

Babyraids JAPAN
1. Level 1
2. Rock on・Darling
3. Baby Step
4. Tora Tora Tiger!!
5. Together! Together! Together!
7. Atarashii Sekai

Anna Tamai celebrated her 20th birthday on January 31st and was welcomed by a blaze of purple penlights as PASSPO☆ landed on the stage. Never one to sugar coat anything, Anna seemed a little dejected that the freshness might be gone from the group as she was the youngest member, mentioning how Mio Masui wouldn’t grow any taller or how Natsumi Iwamura’s breasts wouldn’t grow any bigger now that they had become adults. Closing out the set which seemed to showcase Anna’s dance skills, she grabbed one of the cameras and filmed the small yet wild mosh pit during 「I」, asking for the cameramen to forgive her since it was her birthday.

4. Perfect Sky
5. Himawari
6. 「I」

Hime Kyun Fruit Can, the pride of Ehime prefecture, closed out the night and had the crowd jumping and pumping their fists during their entire nonstop set. They mixed in old favorites “Andante” and “Killer Tune” with songs from their latest album “Dengeki Princess” (release date: December 24, 2014), it was, as always a whirlwind of high kicks, fist pumping, and grinding distorted guitars which ended with the Back to the Future 3 theme song.

Hime Kyun Fruit Can
1. Dengeki Frustration
2. Tobikau Fool
3. Andante
4. Revenge-Tora no Maki-
5. Sore Joudan! Kore Honki!!
6. Crime Crown
7. Killer Tune

Even with the various different musical genres represented at @JAM the field vol. 7, a strong feeling of unity among all the fans of each group could be felt. At the end of the night, Nicho Halo had managed to get Ayano Hosaka from GALETTe to join their group (temporarily) and joked that all these other groups showed up to their solo concert. Performers for the first day of @JAM 2015 (May 30) at Zepp Diver City Tokyo were announced: Idoling!!!, Otome Shinto, SUPER☆GiRLS, and Stay tuned to see who will be performing one the second day (May 31)!

@JAM 2015 Official site:

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