“Girls Storm Festival” Photo Report : TOKYO GIRLS’ STYLE’s Triumphant Return to Shibuya Glad

“Girls Storm Festival” Photo Report : TOKYO GIRLS’ STYLE’s Triumphant Return to Shibuya Glad

Photo by Yusuke Homma・Ikko Nishimura・Takanori Toukura

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On February 1st, Shibuya was crowded with idol fans, as there was idol event “Girls Storm Festival” was held that combines 3 venues(club asia, VUENOS, and Glad) to celebrate Shibuya Glad’s 5th anniversary. The three venues often hold idol’s event, however, the scale was different for the day. Popular groups who usually filled the venues only by themselves performed at the event.

One of the most notable groups from the event must be TOKYO GIRLS’ STYLE. The venue Shibuya Glad is a place full of memories for them and fans, as they used to held regular performances in 2011. Yes, TOKYO GIRLS’ STYLE came back to the venue to celebrate the 5th anniversary!

As we expected, the audience for TOKYO GIRLS’ STYLE’s performance filled the hall to overflowing with fans holding psyllium colored pink. They mixed songs from their early times and latest songs, and entertained the fans. After the performance at Glad they moved to club asia to crown the whole event,and grabbed the audience.

We’ll report performances mainly from club asia and Glad for this article focusing on TOKYO GIRLS’ STYLE. I hope you can feel the enthusiasm from the pictures!



▼Ultra Girl



▼Rinne Yoshida

▼Mai Kotone


▼Aki-Shibu Project


▼Pink Babies

▼Kiss Bee



Photo by Yusuke Homma   
Ikko Nishimura   
Takanori Toukura   

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