Forever Love! Crowdfunding Project Aims to Make Ai Shinozaki Immortal!

Forever Love! Crowdfunding Project Aims to Make Ai Shinozaki Immortal!

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As popular as Ai Shinozaki is, she is limited by the fact that she can only be in one place at the same time and will grow older. However, a new crowdfunding project has been launched with the goal of turning her into an artificial intelligence (AI) entity. AI Shinozaki!


With Shinozaki becoming ubiquitous, fans can interact with her around the clock. She can be a virtual tour guide, a morning wakeup call, a radio and television personality, just to name a few of the possibilities. Who needs Siri when you could have AI Shinozaki instead? The media in Japan often talks about “idols that come along once every 1,000 years” but, with the successful transition of Ai Shinozaki to AI, she can be an idol for at least the next 1,000 years!


However, creating something as potentially life-changing as this will not happen without hours of research and testing to make the virtual Ai Shinozaki as charming as she is in real life. Recreating her voice and way of speaking and mannerisms as well as improving the speech recognition technology to help her respond appropriately to your every wish are just some of the challenges being faced. Just as fans feel more excited when they meet their favorite idol and they are remembered, a learning function is also being developed to improve interactivity. If you take a look at the video below, you can see that there is still a lot of work needed to make this project function as it should.

To start, the team will be collecting data on 1,000 questions and responses for AI Shinozaki to handle in order to have some base to build upon. Secondly, they need feedback on how to keep modifying the avatar in order to make it more like the real Ai Shinozaki. Last but not least, the project needs funding. The current goal is 6 million yen (about $50,000 USD), which would be used to begin the process of making history as Ai Shinozaki becomes the world’s first AIdol! Why not be part of history by contributing? AI needs you!

Here are some of the reward tiers being offered:

1,000 yen – Thanks Course
– A thanks message from AI Shinozaki

5,000 yen – AI Shinozaki Support Member Lite Course
– Thanks Course
– Your name listed as “Support Member” on the AI Shinozaki site
– Priority in being able to ask questions in order to help develop AI Shinozaki’s responses
– Early access to the AI Shinozaki start model (1 month ahead of release)

10,000 yen – AI Shinozaki Support Member Basic Course
– AI Shinozaki Support Member Lite Course
– Official AI Shinozaki T-shirt and sticker

20,000 yen – AI Shinozaki Support Member Gold Course
– AI Shinozaki Support Member Basic Course
– Invitation to a talk event with Ai Shinozaki and AI Shinozaki

500,000 yen – AI Shinozaki Support Member Platinum Course
– AI Shinozaki Support Member Gold Course
– Invitation to a yakiniku party with Ai Shinozaki, in order to help develop the conversation functions of AI Shinozaki

3,000,000 yen – AI Shinozaki Corporate Package
– Please contact Greenfunding for further details (Serious inquiries only)

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