Ai Shinozaki Breezes into Spring With Refreshing MV for “PepperMint”!

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Ai Shinozaki Breezes into Spring With Refreshing MV for “PepperMint”!

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Ai Shinozaki takes a mysterious walk in a park in the MV for “PepperMint” from her mini album “LOVE/HATE” (release date: March 22)!

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Dressed in light spring fashions that show off her curvaceous body, Ai Shinozaki strolls through a park on a sunny day, joined by o-ki, the performer known for his role in the Japanese anti-piracy campaign videos, as her mysterious escort. This MV may be region-locked but, those who love Ai Shinozaki will be rewarded in their efforts in finding a way to watch it wherever they may be in the world.

“LOVE/HATE” will be released in a limited edition 2 CD version and a single CD regular version. The second CD includes 4 covers of songs originally performed by Akina Nakamori, Seiko Matsuda, Something ELse, and Yasushi Nakanishi.

Track List

Disc 1

1 PepperMint
3 Itoshii
4 Yukiatari Battari no Koi
5 Warui Neko
6 Kuchi no Warui Onna

Disc 2

1 Last Chance (Something ELse)
2 Saigo no Ame (Yasushi Nakanishi)
3 TATTOO (Akina Nakamori)
4 Anata ni Aitakute~Missing You~ (Seiko Matsuda)

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Love / Hate / Ai Shinozaki
Love / Hate / Ai Shinozaki

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