Ai Shinozaki! Marina Nagasawa! Nana Asakawa! And More! Babyfaced Gravure Idol Collection!

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Ai Shinozaki! Marina Nagasawa! Nana Asakawa! And More! Babyfaced Gravure Idol Collection!

A baby face and a full-grown woman’s body, it might be the most polarizing combination of features to have, especially in Japan, where it dominates the 2-dimensional worlds of anime, manga, and games as well as 3-dimensional reality. The term “baby-faced huge breasts” (dougan kyonyuu, 童顔巨乳) seems to be gaining more traction lately and the number of young women who fit into that category are getting more attention than ever.

For every person who is a fan, there are countless others who are quick to decry those fans as pedophiles with a “Lolita complex” (ロリコン, lolicon). While there is no way to prove or deny that accusation (How would one even go about doing that?), seeing faces that look like they belong to elementary/middle school students attached to a body that definitely does not conform to the slender body type that is thought to look best in a kimono can confuse people when they first see it. Perhaps some of you remember the tweet below from 2015 comparing idol/model/actress Yuumi Shida (Yumemiru Adolescence) and gravure idol Mizuki Hoshina?

While there is no doubt that people can get creepy and obsessive, especially when it comes to feminine beauty but, shouldn’t everyone be allowed to feel beautiful and confident, regardless of their situation? After all the articles we have written about small breasts, why should big breasts be so different? If someone has a young-looking face, are they not allowed to be sexy until they look more mature? What if someone has a face that makes them look older than they are? There is no easy way to settle this matter (especially when people have already made their own minds), is there?

To learn more about gravure idols, read the 2-part series by Shinshi Okajima.

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Ai Shinozaki (篠崎 愛)

Ai Shinozaki - 篠崎愛

Since we have already done a summary about Ai Shinozaki, and because she’s one of the most popular Japanese gravure idols in the world, is there really anything more that can be written succinctly about her? With a career spanning more than a decade, Ai has released dozens of DVDs and photobooks as well as shown off her amazing vocal skills as a member of AeLL. and now as a solo artist.


Nickname: Ai-chan
Birthdate: February 26, 1992
Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan
Blood Type: A
Height: 160
Measurements (Bust-Waist-Hip): 87 – 60 – 88

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Marina Nagasawa (長澤茉里奈)


Perhaps the second most famous “legal lolita”, Marina Nagasawa has grabbed the attention of the world with her time-defying facial features and curvy proportions. Even though we previously wrote a short summary of her history so far, we might have to add that “Marichiu” may end up being living proof that time travel (or immortality) does exist in this world.


Nickname: Mari-chiu (まりちゅう)
Birthdate: October 8, 1995
Birthplace: Saitama, Japan
Blood Type: O
Height: 155
Measurements (Bust-Waist-Hip): 80-55-82

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Nana Asakawa (浅川 梨奈)


Dubbed the “once in 1,000 years ‘baby-faced huge breasts’ (dougan kyonyuu)” by the media around the time of her first photo spread in the July 6, 2015 issue of Shuukan Playboy weekly magazine, Nana Asakawa has a lot on her shoulders. A second generation member of SUPER☆GiRLS and one of the growing legions of “idols who love idols”, Asakawa is more than just a fresh face and a soft body.


Nickname: Naapon (なぁぽん)
Birthdate: April 3, 1999
Birthplace: Saitama, Japan
Blood Type: B
Height: 158.9
Measurements (Bust-Waist-Hip): secret

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Mio Tomonaga (朝長 美桜)


While her catchphrase may draw attention to her eyes, second generation HKT48 member and sometimes AKB48 (Team 4) member Mio Tomonaga caught the attention of many as she captured the top spot in Young Magazine’s gravure competition. Releasing her first photobook on March 29, 2016, Mio might have been the latest in a series by HKT48 members but, it will definitely not be the last!


Nickname: Mio (みお)
Birthdate: May 17, 1998
Birthplace: Fukuoka, Japan
Blood Type: O
Height: 154
Measurements (Bust-Waist-Hip): 78-58-84

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Momoka Ito (伊藤萌々香)


Lead vocalist of the dance/vocal group Fairies, Momoka Ito released her first photobook “MOMOKA” in 2015, little more than a year after her solo debut single “Poker Face” (release date: July 23, 2014). Beginning in April of 2016, Momoka was the weather girl for NTV’s “Going”. Hopefully, it’s the beginning of things getting back on track for her and Fairies as they still have much to show to the world!


Nickname: Moka (もか)
Birthdate: December 15, 1997
Birthplace: Saitama, Japan

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Jun Amaki (天木じゅん)


Known as one of the popular members of Kamen Joshi and recently discovered to be the younger sister of Ayako Kuroda from Kamen Rider Girls, Jun has been making appearances on television (Yoso de Iwantoite), radio, theater, and web programs (Wata@Ame) since she left the world of (singing and dancing) idols. One of the benefits of her current activities is meeting people like ex-AKB48 member Asuka Kuramochi, who did her usual “ear tasting” and “other things” as well.


Nickname: Jun-chan (じゅんちゃん)
Birthdate: October 16, 1995
Birthplace: Hyogo, Japan
Blood Type: A
Height: 148
Measurements (Bust-Waist-Hip): 95-57-83

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Kyoka (京佳)


Youngest member of Yumemiru Adolescence, Kyoka is mature beyond her years mentally as well as physically, giving her all whether she’s on stage, in front of a camera, or meeting fans with a cheerful “SanKyoka” every time. Kyoka won the Rikiya Imaizumi prize during Miss iD 2014. Even though Yumemiru Adolescence asks the question “Is it Bad to Just be Cute?!?” (kawaii dake ja dame nandesuka?, 可愛いだけじゃダメなんですか?), Kyoka is just one reason why you should never underestimate anyone just because of their appearance.


Nickname: Kyotan
Birthdate: December 2, 1999
Birthplace: Saitama, Japan
Blood Type: B
Height: 155
Measurements (Bust-Waist-Hip): 82-60-85

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Nagi Nemoto (根本 凪)


Former Mito Gotouchi Idol (kari) member, Nagi Nemoto experienced her breakthrough as one of the popular members of pixiv’s Niji no Conquistador. Nagi made waves of a different sort when she collaborated with Mikeneko Homeless for 3 singles on Maltine Records during the spring of 2016. She went on to be one of the 10 finalists for Season 5 of Young Jump’s Sakidol Survival Ace competition as well.


Nickname: Nemo
Birthdate: March 15, 1999
Birthplace: Ibaraki, Japan
Blood Type: B
Height: 150
Measurements (Bust-Waist-Hip): 90-57-85

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Sakura Ando (安藤 咲桜)


Sakura Ando of the fishing idol group TsuriBit reeled in a big compliment when the media began speculating if she was the “next Ai Shinozaki”, which is not unusual considering the close resemblance. As one of the 10 finalists for Season 5 of Young Jump’s Sakidol Survival Ace competition, Sakuchin is an idol to keep your eyes on in the years to come!


Nickname: Sakuchin (さくちん)
Birthdate: March 23, 2001
Birthplace: secret
Blood Type: O
Height: 158
Measurements (Bust-Waist-Hip): 82-61-83

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Hikaru Aoyama (青山 ひかる)


As the cover girl of the articles by Shinshi Okajima about gravure idols, it would be a shame to overlook one of his favorites, Hikaru Aoyama. Originally a sporty girl in her younger days, it seems that a growth spurt played a part in taking Hikaru’s interests indoors and wanting to become a seiyuu (voice actress). Her career focus has shifted to becoming a “multi-talent” and she is known for being open to taking on whatever challenges are presented to her.


Nickname: Aomin (あおみん)
Birthdate: June 13, 1993
Birthplace: Nagasaki, Japan
Blood Type: A
Height: 154
Measurements (Bust-Waist-Hip): 95-59-90

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Of course, this is far from being the complete list of “dougan kyonyuu” but at the very least, we included those we considered to be in the Top 10. What are your thoughts on the matter? Are you a fan or an anti? Regardless, never forget that it’s what’s inside that really matters!

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