CAMOUFLAGE Get Wild and Dance in a Park With Their Fans in the MV for “GAMSHALAGE”!

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CAMOUFLAGE Get Wild and Dance in a Park With Their Fans in the MV for “GAMSHALAGE”!

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Nagoya idol group CAMOUFLAGE have released the MV for “GAMSHALAGE” from their first album “CAMOUFLAGE” (release date: April 29)

The video was filmed with the cooperation of CAMOUFLAGE’s fans who dance with them during the middle of the song and is almost one continuous take. With their colorful basketball jerseys and cheerful easy to follow dance, “GAMSHALAGE” might be one of the hit songs with idol fans this summer! “GAMSHALAGE” is a combination of the Japanese word “gamushara” (我武者羅) which means “reckless” and CAMOUFLAGE.

“CAMOUFLAGE” will be released in 2 different versions: a regular version which includes 2 bonus tracks and a special Amazon exclusive version which excludes the bonus tracks and the augmented reality features. In case you can’t download the app, you can still support the members of CAMOUFLAGE with the CHEERZ app. Starting from February, the 3 most popular idols on CHEERZ will be interviewed by Tokyo Girls’ Update and the #1 ranked idol will appear on our NHK World program which began airing worldwide on April 17, 2015!

Track List
01 Back to the SUMMER
02 Natsu Koi Ichi-ban Nori
03 Ainou Aijou Odoryanse!
05 Teppen!
06 Sakebe! boys & girls
07 Futari wa Koibito
08 Kimi to Watashi
09 Time Machine and Traveler
10 Koi no Mahou
11 Kimagure Catwalk
12 Happy Love
13 Tomorrow Tatematsu no Meisai Radio Guest: Chouzetsu CAMOUFLAGE
14 Fuwafuwa Dream Ichigo Parfait


CAMOUFLAGE (special Amazon version)

CAMOUFLAGE Official site:

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