SAVE THE DATE!! Tokyo Girls’ Update to Start Broadcasting Globally on NHK WORLD/jibtv

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SAVE THE DATE!! Tokyo Girls’ Update to Start Broadcasting Globally on NHK WORLD/jibtv

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We are very happy about this announcement!! Starting from the pre-launch on 2012, we have gotten a lot of support from J-culture fans from all over the world, and now, finally Tokyo Girls’ Update will be starting our own TV program at NHK WORLD/jibtv, which is an international broadcasting service of NHK.

Like we secretly gathered questions to Nogizaka 46 the other day, the program will link together with the website version of the “Tokyo Girls’ Update”. We will try to incorporate as many viewer requests as possible into this program.

For the main casters, we have Harry Sugiyama who is proficient using five languages, including English, Japanese, and Chinese and Reika Sakurai, the captain of Nogizaka46. Every month one artist will be welcomed as a guest and we’ll cover not just the hot news topics but, also secret talks would be developed.


Left : Harry Sugiyama, Right : Reika Sakurai

In the middle of the program, “Learn Tokyo” will introduce something about Japanese culture. Special Navigators are Tina Tamashiro and Alisa Urahama. They will introduce the “Japanese Real Trend” by providing a different viewpoint compared to our YouTube version.

Also on the program will be an exclusive interview with the #1 ranked idol on the idol support mobile app CHEERZ starting with Motoko Nakane aka “Monya” from Starmarie, who was the top idol for February 2015. Because the guest is determined by your votes, make sure to cheer for the idols you want to appear next!

Tokyo Girls’ Update will start its new challenge to provide another way to enjoy and share Japanese pop culture with everyone. Don’t miss out on the information about the guest artists, and there will be presents given out from the guest artists to the web members of the Tokyo Girls’ Update. Are you ready??

nhk-world-announces-03 nhk-world-announces-02 nhk-world-announces-04

Tokyo Girls’ Update makes its television debut on April 17th, Friday at NHK WORLD/jibtv, and our first guest is Nogizaka46. Don’t miss out!

NHK WORLD/jibtv Tokyo Girls’ Update
On Air Date: Third Friday of every month
On Air Time: Different depending on country (There will be four on air times)

How to Watch NHK WORLD/jibtv

Live streaming is available at jibtv’s official website


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