Hotter than Real Guys?! Feel Like a Princess at “Crossdressing Bar PRINCE”!

Hotter than Real Guys?! Feel Like a Princess at “Crossdressing Bar PRINCE”!
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Ikemen (attractive men) employees get a lot of attention among the girl world. Because you can easily go and meet them and they are great to look at, their presence provides enjoyment. There are even sites dedicated to posting where you can find these attractive employees.

But when these employees are right in front of our eyes, sometimes, girls get nervous and get elated. If you’re one of those girls, we have some good news for you. There’s a bar, called Crossdressing Bar PRINCE (Dansou Bar PRINCE), where women dressed as men serve customers in Nakano. Their dressing as men is perfect. They seems to be real men. That’s why customers will be able to enjoy the ikemen employees without having to feel weird nervousness.

Saaya took a trip to this cross-dressing bar. When she opened the doors, a prince came to greet her. On this day, Prince Kisumi and Prince Subaru welcomed us.


They continued to escort her to her seat, with Prince Subaru supporting her until she was firmly sitting. And as soon as she sat down, Prince Kisumi handed her a hot towel.


It wasn’t even 5 minutes since we arrived, but the personalities of the princes and the bar’s atmosphere instantly made us feel like princesses! As our expectations grew, Prince Subaru explained the menu to us.


On this day, we ordered “Ouji no Magokoro Tea (Princes Sincere Tea)” and original cocktail. When ordering “Ouji no Magokoro Tea,” you’re able to smell a sample, and you can order black tea with that fragrance.


Saaya chose rose. It was an elegant time spent enjoying the fragrance of the tea, the adorable heart shaped sugar, and conversing with the prince.




The original cocktail was a sweet cocktail made using a caramel liqueur to match Saaya’s cute personality.


“It’s delicious!” said Saaya with a full smile.


The princes make the original cocktails right in front of the customers’ eyes, choosing the ingredients by the customers’ feelings and preferences. So we’ll suggest that you order it.

And finally, a commemorative photo with the prince! Saaya was very excited as she was surrounded by two princes.


The princes will autograph and write a message on the CHEKI(Instax film) right then and there. We’re about to fall for these princes with the serious looks on their faces.


Saaya is very happy with the outcome!


Until recently, boys weren’t allowed to enter. Girls wanting to be treated like princesses is a given, but we would love for men to visit to learn how to treat women like princesses as well!

Photo by kobadog
Translated by Misato
Model by Saaya

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Crossdressing Bar PRINCE
Address : Tokyo Kimura Building 6F, 5-66-3, Nakano, Nakano-ku, Tokyo
Nearest Station : Nakano
TEL : +81 3-5942-6026



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