Neko-clo Z♡ Momoiro Clover Z Transform into Cute Cat for Royal Milk Tea “Kocha Kaden” Campaign

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Neko-clo Z♡  Momoiro Clover Z Transform into Cute Cat for Royal Milk Tea “Kocha Kaden” Campaign

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It is announced that Japanese popular tea beverage brand “Kocha Kaden” collaborates with Momoiro Clover Z and will release special designed package of the members wearing cat costumes, from June 27th!


The collaboration campaign itself has started in the end of this April, and if you read QR code on the package you can see the special video message from them! There are more than 80 patterns of the videos are stored, and also an exclusive message video exists, only who completed scanning 5 different members’ packages can watch! If you are curious, why not complete them all!

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In addition, a giveaway campaign of pair tickets for Momoiro Clover Z’s summer live named “Tojinsai 2016 ~Onigashima~” is held now!

Lucky 100 people (50 pairs) will win the free tickets for the concert! To apply this, you need to collect 10 pieces of the bar code of the Kocha Kaden Royal Milk Tea, and apply it by mail. You can download the post card from the special website. Learn more about the campaign here.

Campaign period : Until June 26th
Object product : Kocha Kaden Royal Milk Tea

Tojinsai 2016 ~Onigashima~
Date : Either August 13th or 14th (*You cannot choose the date)
Venue : Nissan Studium

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