Sport Music Assemble People “@JAM EXPO 2014” to Be Held On the Last Day of Summer!

Sport Music Assemble People “@JAM EXPO 2014” to Be Held On the Last Day of Summer!

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In August 31, one of the large idol festivals for this summer “@JAM EXPO 2014” will be taken place at Yokohama Arena in Kanagawa prefecture. As many as 80 idol groups will perform at the event.
8月31日(日)神奈川・横浜アリーナにて、総勢約80組のアイドルグループが出演する、大規模なアイドルフェスティバル「@JAM EXPO 2014」が開催される。

Many superstar groups will participate this event, such as, TOKYO GIRLS’ STYLE, PASSPO☆, Cheeky Parade, SUPER☆GiRLS, palet, Yumemiru Adolescence, Babyraids, Sakura Gakuin, JKT48, Tokyo Performance Doll, and more!
出演は、でんぱ組.inc、東京女子流、PASSPO☆、Cheeky Parade、SUPER☆GiRLS、palet、夢みるアドレセンス、ベイビーレイズ、さくら学院、JKT48、東京パフォーマンスドール等、豪華絢爛のラインナップとなっている。

At @JAM EXPO 2014, there will be taken place various attractive events besides live performances. The most remarkable one is “Doki♡Idol darake no Dai Undoukai”: sport meet by idols. They will compete in side step speed, tug of war, relay race, and so on. The sports meet is consisting of 2 parts: one is for idols at high school or graduated, and another is for idols at junior high school or elementary school. Some idols have excellent reflexes, so this battling is must-see


「@JAM EXPO 2014」ではアイドルによるライブステージだけでなく、様々な企画が用意されている。「ドキッ♡アイドルだらけの大運動会」では、アイドルたちが反復横跳び、綱引き、リレー走り等、様々な競技で対決。運動会は「高校生・大人の部」「小学生・中学生の部」の2部構成となっており、運動神経に自信のあるアイドルたちが全力でぶつかり合う姿は要必見だ。

Then also, there will be some talk sessions. At “Kyou kara no @JAM EXPO” , experts in idol culture talk about how to enjoy it, and at “Idol wa Madamada Omoshiroku naru!”, a general manager of AKIBA Cultures Theater and idols have a conversation about idol’s future.
またトークステージでは、「今日からの@JAM EXPO」と題するアイドル専門家による座談会や、AKIBAカルチャーズ劇場支配人らと出演アイドルとの対談「アイドルはまだまだ面白くなる!」などが公開される。

The last thing you cannot miss is idol’s dream collaboration for @JAM EXPO 2014 official song “Yumeno Suna ~a theme of @JAM”. 5 girls from different idol groups take part in this collaboration project; Risa Aizawa from, Hitomi Arai from TOKYO GIRLS STYLE, Mari Takahashi from Dorothy Little Happy, Mariya Suzuki from Cheeky Parade, and Azusa Sekine from UP UP GIRLS KAKKO KARI.
そして注目なのが、”@JAM ALLSTARS 2014”による、公式ソング「夢の砂〜a theme of @JAM〜」でのコラボレーションだ。今年のテーマソングを担当するのは、相沢梨紗(でんぱ組.inc)、新井ひとみ(東京女子流)、高橋麻里(Dorothy Little Happy)、鈴木真梨耶(Cheeky Parade)、関根梓(アップアップガールズ(仮))の5人組。当イベントでしか観る事ができない、特別なコラボレーションは見逃せない!

Contributor Wanted!!

These information is available in English and Chinese at official website, so if you have chance to go, why not going?

Please buy tickets here.
Select your pick from these ticket types and purchase ‘em online – you can get your ticket at the venue on the day!

【Hong Kong Box Office】
Standard Seating Ticket w/ original @JAM EXPO theme song CD – 600.00HKD
Standing Ticket w/ original @JAM EXPO theme song CD – 520.00HKD
Purchase them here :

【Taiwan Box Office】
Standard Seating Ticket w/ original @JAM EXPO theme song CD – NT$2,500
Standing Ticket w/ original @JAM EXPO theme song CD – NT$2,200
Purchase them here :

*Sorry! Guests under the age of 3 are not permitted, guests aged 4-12 are free of charge
*Maximum 4 tickets per person
*Tickets are redeemable on the day at the Overseas Ticket Counter
*Ticket Sales ends Aug. 24 (Sun.) 11:59pm
*Check each box office website for full details

@JAM EXPO 2014
Date : Sunday, 31st August 2014
Venue : Yokohama Arena
Ticket Price : Seating ( includes CD):HK$600 / Standing ( includes CD):HK$520
Organizer : Zepp Live Entertainment Inc. / Asahi Television) / Entertainment Plus Inc.
Planner : @JAM EXPO 2014 Executive Committee
Production : Zepp Live Entertainment Inc. / Sonymusic Communications
Sponsor : FamilyMart /
Collaboration : FMTokyo / Dentsu / Top Yell / Pigoo / DISK GARAGE / ticketflap etc

@JAM EXPO 2014 official website :

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