Live Streaming Circuit Festival “@ JAM ONLINE FESTIVAL 2020” will be held!!

Live Streaming Circuit Festival “@ JAM ONLINE FESTIVAL 2020” will be held!!

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August 29(Sat), 30th (Sun), 2020
Live streaming Circuit Festival “@JAM ONLINE FESTIVAL 2020” will be held!!
The first wave for performers was announced.

“@JAM EXPO 2020” which was scheduled to be held at Yokohama Arena, has been postponed to 2021 and will be held as an alternative festival.
It will hold a Live streaming Circuit Festival “@JAM ONLINE FESTIVAL 2020”.

A total of 100 groups will perform in two days at the five live music clubs which had been closed due to the Corona disaster. There are talk channels with performers and also the venue touring.
The following 55 groups are the featured performers!!

▼August 29 (Sat)
Red Stage (Yokohama MM Bronth)
At seventeen / iketeru hearts / cruise~CRUiSE! / Serena Kozuki / Seishun Youth Academy / Tsubomi Daikakumei

Blue Stage (AkibaCultures)
CoverGirls / QUEENS / Jewel☆Rouge / CYNHN / Tebasaki sensation / Lily of the valley

Yellow Stage (Shirokanetakanawa SELENE)
Akishibu project / WILL-O’ / Junjō no Afilia / Chu-Z / BenjaminJasmine

Green Stage (Zepp Tokyo)
Osaka☆Syunkasyuto / nijurokuji no masquerade / Band Ja Naimon! MAXX NAKAYOSHI / Dance for Philosophy / MAGiCAL PUNCHLiNE

Purple Stage (Zepp DiverCity)
Task have Fun / Devil ANTHEM. / 22/7 / Masshiro na Kyanbasu / S.T.O(@JAM navigator unit)

▼August 30 (sun)
Red Stage (Yokohama MM Bronth)
Kyusyu Joshiyoku / KRD8 / Sakuyakonohana / SAY-LA / buGG / READY TO KISS

Blue Stage (AkibaCultures)
ENGAG.ING / GuGu-LuLu / Full Power Girls R / DREAMING MONSTER / meme tokyo. / Yamakatsu

Yellow Stage (Shirokanetakanawa SELENE)
CROWN POP / Jewel☆Neige / Malcolm Mask McLaren / Lovely☆DOLL / LinQ

Green Stage (Zepp Tokyo)
=LOVE / HKT48 / Tokyo Girls’ Style / ≠ME / Chiaki Mayumura

Purple Stage (Zepp DiverCity)
ukka / SUPER☆GiRLS / / NIJI NO CONQUISTADOR / FES☆TIVE / Rukarina(@JAM navigator unit)

Rakuten TV Ticket
■Release date: Monday, July 20 18: 00 ~
■Reception URL:
*The broadcast video will be distributed on the Internet.
*It is distributed by the video distribution service “Rakuten TV”. You need to register to use Rakuten TV before you start watching.
*Rakuten TV is a service only available in Japan. Please note that it cannot be used overseas due to the contract with the network or the rights holder.

« @ JAM ONLINE FESTIVAL 2020 Performance Details »
[Date and Time] August 29(Sat), 30th (Sun), 2020
[Opening curtain] 13:00
[Delivery] Rakuten TV and several other platforms planned
Live 1-day ticket: 6,800 yen
Live ticket at each venue: 2,500 yen
Talk & live channel ticket: 1,200 yen
*All prices include tax
*A one-day live ticket is a ticket that you can watch all the live performances in 5 venues.
Talk and live channel tickets are not included.

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