“If The Two Are Together, They Are the Strongest.” The New Approach Of Aikatsu Stars Beyond Friendship?!

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“If The Two Are Together, They Are the Strongest.” The New Approach Of Aikatsu Stars Beyond Friendship?!

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Ever heard of the term “Aikatsu!“? It’s an abbreviation for “Idol (Aidoru) Katsudou”, which is translated as “idol activity”. “Aikatsu!” is a cross-media developed project mainly targeted for seven to nine year old girls. Though the popularity has a strong influence among many adults as well, and those who love Aikatsu! as an adult are collectively called “Aikatsu Ojisan (male) or Obasan (female)”. I have crossed featured them in this article: link


Its multimedia expanding started from an arcade collectible card game in Bandai’s Data Carddass line of machines, which launched in October 2012, to television anime adaptation by Sunrise (and later by Bandai Namco Pictures) began airing on TV Tokyo from October 8, 2012. Two movies were released in December 2014 and August 2015. The same setting continued till March 2016, and the series was succeeded by Aikatsu Stars!, which is now on active. As one fan of an Aikatsu! and Aikastu Stars!, I want to reveal the fascinated point of why this project is crazy and amazing it is!!

Friendship or not…?

First let’s look at this tweet.

This tweet is a promotion for “the movie Aikatsu Stars!” which is posted with a conversation by Yume Nijino, the heroine of Aikatsu Stars!, and Rola Sakuraba, rival and friend of Yume. Their conversation can be translated like below:

Yume “Finally, we met again! I thought we are separated forever!”

Rola “That’s what I thought too, but we are together again, because we are fateful rivals.”

Yume “Rola… (blush)”

Rola “Yume… (blush)”

Mahiru (watching) “(They were only getting lost in the theater…)”

…Then....what's really going on with Aikatsu Stars!?!?!

Aikatsu Stars! Official Website:
Aikatsu Stars! Bandai Data Carddass Official Website:
The Movie Aikatsu Stars! Official Website:

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