Which Couples in Which Anime Are Best? Shipping of The Year 2016!

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Which Couples in Which Anime Are Best? Shipping of The Year 2016!

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Shipping of the Year 2016 Grand Prize

Yuuri/Victor (from Yuri!!! On Ice)


About Yuri!!! on Ice, you might want to get this article by Emma in your mind!


The popularity of Yuuri as seme (“bottom”) came along as the anime reached the medium episode when Yuuri, who is shy and passive in love, starts knowing love through skating his dearest admired coach and figure skater, Victor‘s choreography, named “Eros”. Toward Victor and on ice link nly, Yuuri shows his sexy facial expression that assures his serious love toward Victor.

This scene is more Victor/Yuuri, where Victor tells Yuuri he will teach him pleasure of sex.

This scene is more Victor/Yuuri, where Victor tells Yuuri he will teach him pleasure of sex.


Osomatsu Coupling Award

Ichimatsu/ Karamatsu (from Osomatsu-san)


Even though the anime started in October 2015 and ended in March 2016, the public favor continued on after the on air with people waiting for the next season. The new episode that was on air December 2016 called “Oumatsu-san” is available to watch from here.

Left: Ichimatsu and Right: Karamatsu

Left: Ichimatsu and Right: Karamatsu

The popular coupling in Osomatsu-san is either Ichimatsu/Karamatsu or Kara/Ichi. Karamatsu, the second son of Matsuno house, basically tries becoming stylish choosing words that make other brothers perplexed which results in being beaten or ignored. Ichimatsu is the fourth son, and most sarcastic and makes blistering remarks, especially to Karamatsu. Karamatsu’s pure and naive personality is perfect for him being “uke”. Also, the relation of Ichi/Kara is similar to a boy being spite to his favorite girl which is one classic pattern that fujoshi loves.


Idol BL Award

Kitakado/ Masunaga (from B-PROJECT)


About B-PROJECT, read this article by me.


The focus here is about the frustrating relationship bewteen Tomohisa Kitakado, the leader position of B-PROJECT and a member of unit called “KitaKore”, and Kazuna Masunaga, the leader position of the unit MooNs. From the beginning of the story, Kazuna somehow avoided having conversation with Tomohisa, who tried to get involved with him. As the episode goes on, the fact that Kazuna and Tomohisa were tied up as a kids idol when they were young.

Also, Kazuna confessed that he was jealous and spiteful about Tomohisa going one step ahead when he tries to catch him up, though he could not dislike him because he was his best partner and is a member of B-PROJECT now. Kazuna’s complex and sensitive heart toward Tomohisa is perfect as “uke”, and yet being ignored by him from a long time, Tomohisa thinking about Kazuna makes a beautiful BL relationship.

When Tomohisa tries to cheer up him, Kazuna makes a bad attitude of Tomohisa's mature attitude.

When Tomohisa tries to cheer up him, Kazuna makes a bad attitude of Tomohisa’s mature attitude.


Best Girls Shipping Award

Not only boys were shipped this year, but many girls coupling were nominated that we created the girls award as well.

Yume/ Rola (from Aikatsu Stars!)


The anime starting from April 2016 rapidly set up the slogan of “If the TWO are together, they are the STRONGEST” and made a steady “yuri” theme for the viewers. Please check this article for more Yume/ Rola episodes.


Aikatsu Stars! Movie was on screen at the same year of Summer and recorded many repeated fans that made their way to the screen again and again to watch the fabulously made Girls Love (GL) story. The movie comes out on Blu-ray and DVD disk next February.


LoveLive! Sunshine!! Aqours Couple Award

Rubi/ Maru (from LoveLive! Sunshine!!)


By a narrow margin, Rubi Kurosawa and Hanamaru Kunikida failed to become the best yuri couple, but had the best friendly and “kawaii” couple from their first appearance in the story of LoveLive! Sunshine!!


From the first episode, they appeared as two cute close friend, and their friendship becomes more strong as they realize their dream becoming school idol.

The couplings are mainly a result of Fujoshi and Fudanshi’s delusion that its number is infinite. The outcome of Yuri on ICE! was a great wrap up for the shipping of 2016, and we cannot find out who and what kind of coupling will make us grim next year!!!

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