Infinite Possibilities Of School Uniforms In Anime!!

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Infinite Possibilities Of School Uniforms In Anime!!

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School uniforms in anime are very fashionable and sometimes totally unrealistic compared to the existing school uniforms in Japan. They reflect the characters’ personality and match the atmosphere of the anime, as the school uniform reflects Japan’s ordinary sense when wearing school uniforms. Because of the cuteness and the easiness, many cosplay beginners start from anime school uniforms. Even if the anime aren’t mainly unfolded at school, school uniforms are too classic that newly drawn pictures appear on anime magazines or special goods. In this article, I chose 7 anime that you should take a close look in school uniforms!

1. School-Live!


In School-Live!, school uniforms are in two types. Only Yuki wears purple sailor model, and other three wear green. Yet the colors are different, the shape of the shirt and skirt is the same. The shirt sleeves have two layer frills and two pockets on the front. On the breastplate (which is an inverted triangle cloth near the chest), red star is sewed. From the different colors of the ribbon, it is different among grades; second graders are blue and third graders are red. The work doesn’t show any 1st graders, so the colors are uncertain.


The olive color of the uniform can drag an image of military, which is perfect for School-Live! since it is a co-living survival with the zombies.

2. Tamako Market


Tamako Market is a pure love and friendship story expanded around Tamako, the story’s heroine, and the winter school uniform is very simple and normal which doesn’t interrupt the story line. However, the female character’s school uniform in summer is pink that gives out Tamako and her friends’ cuteness more. This type of uniform is called Seikafuku, and the uniform model is from Osaka Seibo Jogakuin Junior High School and High School. The school has made new uniforms and aren’t in use anymore, but the picture below assures that it is the same. Also, K-on! members wear this school uniform in the “Singing!” music video (which is the ending song of K-on! movie).



3. Aikatsu Stars!

Since the story develops in an idol school, called Yotsuboshi Gakuen, the school uniforms are cute but not too showy.


The school crown emblem is sewed on the left top and the star on the necktie matches with the title. It is very rare to see a dress type sailor, and the skirt part has slits that spreads out as the characters move. The sleeves and the skirts have laces that add a touch of girlishness. The boots and the socks are simply coordinated with the use of blue and white. Blue ribbon on the short white boots create cute and formal mixture to the school uniform.


4. Nagi-Asu: A Lull in the Sea


Nagi-Asu school uniform is very neat and simple with two colors, blue and white. The girl’s uniform is a dress type similar to Aikatsu Stars!, but with less laces and rather calm in style.


The school shoes are loafer type and the socks are white with one blue stripe. The story is all related with sea, and the characters goes through a sensitive adolescence time period that matches with the school uniforms’ pure and transparent model.

5. Is the Order a Rabbit?


Since most of the characters go to different schools, the school uniforms are various in this work. This time, the spotlight will be on Chino, Maya, and Megu’s middle school. Their school uniform is separated in two pieces and the cutest point is the sailor cap. From the design of the cap and the six buttons on the front, the uniform design comes from sailor uniform. The winter version is also similar, but mainly in blue.

6. PriPara


Paprika Gakuen that appears to be the school for the main characters are separated in three levels; elementary, middle, and high school, and each has different school uniforms as well. The elementary school is yellow sailor type dress with pink scarf tied around. The knee high socks are white with pink stripes on it.


The above is the winter version and the characters’ personalities are shown. Mikan Shiratama, at the left, has two angel wings accessory on the school emblem, because she has a cheerful personality and acts like an angel. On the right is Aroma Kurosu, who acts like a devil, in which she wears a cape.

7. Sound! Euphonium


Sound! Euphonium is about one brass band club in Kitauji High School challenges to win the national convention. Kitauji High School is a fiction school, and the school model is said to be Kyoto’s Todou High School and Higashiuji High School. However, none of these two schools’ uniforms are similar to Kitauji’s school uniform, so it must be originally drawn.

The winter school uniform has a rich image with the use of brown and gold. The brown base and gold buttons and stripes make it westernized and antique-like. Big red scarf also creates a dolly atmosphere which fits the divine image of brass band club. Kumiko, the main heroine, is in first grade who wears this red scarf. The third graders have rich green colored scarf and second graders are blue.

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